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'Experts' predicted Ice Age

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'Experts' predicted Ice Age

We have been told that 97% of world scientists believe that the carbon dioxide, emitted from burning fossil fuels, is causing global warming!  The 97% came from a survey that has since been discredited by a number of scientists.  If the 97% consensus is accurate, then why have all past climate predictions made by these scientists been so grossly wrong?

From 1940 to 1970, our atmosphere started cooling.  So, climate scientists reported that the cooling was being caused by man-made CO2. As a result, they predicted a coming ice age!  Articles warning of an impending ice age were reported during the 1970s in publications such as Science Digest, Fortune, New York Magazine, Popular Science, National Geographic, and many others.  As late as November 1977, Time Magazine published the article, “How To Survive The Coming Ice Age.”

But wait!  A funny thing happened on the way to an ice age! After 1970, our climate started warming. A quandary for the climate scientists!  So, they pivoted 180 degrees and claimed that CO2 was now warming the climate, not cooling it???  In 2006, Al Gore published his book “An Inconvenient Truth.”  According to Gore, the warming caused by CO2 would melt the polar ice caps by 2013, causing the flooding of coastal cities around the world.  Gore’s predictions were based on the climate scientists’ consensus of the day.  Then, in 2011, NOAA climate scientists, using their computer models, predicted that the ice caps would melt by 2016.  Obviously, neither prediction came true!  The Weather Channel states that they can predict the weather with fair accuracy for up to 10 days in the future.  Yet, climate scientists want us to believe that their computer models can predict atmospheric temperatures with an accuracy of plus or minus 3 degrees Centigrade 50 years into the future!  Currently the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere is only 40 parts per million (0.04% of the atmosphere).  Yet over the earth’s history CO2 levels have exceeded 3,000 parts per million (3% of the atmosphere).  There was 75 times as much CO2 in the atmosphere then as there is now!  Why did the earth not burn up back then?  If we are told something that sounds unreasonable, we should be skeptical.  We cannot always believe everything we are told by “experts,”  especially by the same “experts” who have been totally wrong a number of times in the past.  How many times will we believe them that the “sky is falling”?

Gary Kump, Butte


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