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I was going to write something this week but there was nothing to write about! The President didn't tell one lie all week. The U.S, Government received their last payment from Mexico for the border wall.

The weather has been perfect all across the U.S. No tornadoes, no floods, no winds, no heavy rains.

The majority of the women in the U.S. were pleased with the results of a bunch of old white men making rules for them. They want to thank these men for caring and being so smart.

The 380 men and women running for President as a Democrat was narrowed down to 379. Things are looking great!

The new tariffs will help everyone in the United States with just one exception. Now the dollar store will become a five-dollar store.

The President released his taxes from the last 25 years. Mr. Trump has paid his fair share in taxes and then some.

Gas prices are no the lowest in 15 years. And the other good news is with a new invention that costs $14.96 all cars and trucks will get 200 miles to a gallon. More great news.

The 87 trillion potholes in the U.S.have been fixed, filled in, so you will be able to drive safely.

Everyone in Congress is working well with each other. They just passed a health care bill for all Americas. The President will sign this new law to take effect June 1st.

All of the pharmaceutical companies said they have made enough money and all prescriptions will cost no more than a dollar. This will go into effect on May 37th.

So now you know why I didn't write anything this week. Everything is just hunky-dory. Maybe I will write next week.

LaVon Brillhart, Dillon

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