Do not allow corporations to rule the internet

Protect internet neutrality. It is the only way to allow democratic participation in communication, education, employment, community service, public service, and to enable access to health, safety, and other information.

Do NOT allow a few corporations to rule the internet. NONE of the Internet Service Providers invented or developed the internet.

U.S. taxpayers paid for early development. The defense and research network called ARPANET was online from 1969 into 1989. Research, development, and expansion was courtesy of government funding. The World Wide Web arrived in 1991, courtesy of Tim Berners-Lee in particular.

Berners-Lee, a Brit, championed web openness to the point of not filing for intellectual property rights, not taking royalties, not selling his invention. He gave the web to the public! Berners-Lee led the organization of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), based at MIT. Berners-Lee also created an open-source catalog of the web, the Virtual Library.

Do NOT give this global public resource to a few corporation no matter how much they "donated" to politicians and no matter how much they spend in advertising and hiring trolls to promote their greedy objective.

Regulate the internet as the public utility it has become. But first PROTECT NET NEUTRALITY.

One brave FCC commissioner asks you to write the FCC commissioners NOW. See her plea in the Los Angeles Times at

Protect Net Neutrality. Write or phone your members of Congress and the Federal Communications Commission commissioners.

-- Ann Millbrooke, Bozeman