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Dissent not part of military training

There seems to be a sense of disbelief, even betrayal, among those people who assumed that Gen. John Kelly was an adult exerting some control on the excesses of President Trump. How this attained general currency is, as most successive marriages, a triumph of hope over evidence.

The president has surrounded himself with generals who will obey the commander-in-chief just as they would expect their lower-ranking officers to obey them. So much for any levies to Trump’s floodtide of tweets or verbal offenses. General Kelly’s mendacious comments regarding Congresswoman Frederica Wilson are easily seen as falling on his sword for his commander.

I can think of no more clear example of military training not being congruent with the demands of democratic leadership. Even the less observant can see this demonstrated by that one-third of Montana’s triad of pride in Washington, Ryan Zinke. Why ever would one assume that training as a Navy SEAL would qualify a person for civilian leadership any more than its animal counterpart?

It should be of no small concern that America’s military is the most admired or trusted of its governmental entities!

— Tim Crawford, Belgrade

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