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What? Montana's 2019 66th Legislative Session failed to pass House Bill 274?

I'm astounded that the political leadership of the "Big Sky" state chose not to supply funding to extend educational opportunity for special needs students after 12th grade.

The much-needed extended three year program will in most cases prepare students to be productive citizens in the work force. These students are just delayed in their learning pace. Each student has great capacity to learn, acquire knowledge, and apply to their future lives.

House Bill 274 would have started the process of extending the productive workforce in Montana. In the 2021 legislative session, will the vote be YES for this crucial three-year (19-22 yrs) program? In so doing Montana would join other states of this United States of America in caring for all citizens. Montana should be the leading state and not the last to pass this legislation.

A grandma of two special-needs students in Montana,

Judy Harvey, Federal Way, Wash.

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