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Degrading public service

Degrading public service

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Degrading public service

When I vote for a candidate, it is with the expectation that the candidate will diligently work as an advocate for my family and others that he/she represents. I expect much from the individuals who hold public office and hold the offices that they fill with the highest regard. It is offensive to me that anyone would consider an elected office as unimportant or insignificant.

So, I am disheartened to view an ad nightly that degrades the work of public service as not a real job. Why would I vote for a candidate who doesn’t recognize the extraordinary responsibility of governing as real work. An individual seeking to repair and protect our democracy should be humbled by the incredible job that is before him/her, not devalue it as not real.

I have written to Rep. Greg Gianforte several times since he was elected, and rarely, if ever, has he responded to my concerns. It is not surprising that he, then, considers public office as not a real job. We have so much work to do to preserve our Montana lifestyle that we cannot afford to vote for someone who doesn’t recognize the value of that real work.

Louise Yamasaki, Missoula




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