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Country waiting for Daines to go to work

Someone should remind Steve Daines that he was elected to serve Montanans, not to be a puppet of the DC leadership.

It is dangerous, irresponsible, and frankly, flat-out embarrassing that Daines has failed fundamentally to do his job. The government has been funded from patch to patch for four months now. It is incomprehensible that in those four months, there has been no agreement on how Congress will fund this country’s most critical programs. We Montanans see the impact here at home. Our community health centers, especially the ones in the more rural corners of the state, still don’t have a guarantee from their government that they will continue to receive funding, and consequently, don’t have a guarantee that they will be able to continue to see the 100,000 patients that they serve in Montana.

I specifically remember Steve Daines running for Senate and touting his credentials as a businessman. Well, Daines, now it’s time to balance the budget — but this time, instead of your employees relying on you to keep your finances in check, there’s an entire country waiting on you to go to work and get the job done. Join Senator Tester in working to find a long-term solution for Montanans.

— Donavon Hawk, Butte


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