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Constitutional rights

The Montana Standard columnists, in consort with Democratic politicians, are willing to give up your constitutional rights, especially the First, Second, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. Ban semi-automatic rifles, and their high-capacity “clips.” “You don’t need them for hunting.” The University of Texas Tower killer in 1966 used two hunting rifles. We’ll ban some rifles, then we can ban all firearms, like Australia and New Zealand and Great Britain, countries having “subjects,” not citizens.

Owning a semi-automatic rifle does not make you a domestic terrorist (despite the San Francisco Board of Supervisors declaring you one). What appears to make you a mass-murderer is the lack of being taught any aspects of morality from infancy on. The mass-murderers that we have seen over the last decades grew up in the secular, soul-less society that has evolved. They were not taught how to live their lives. Because of gutless lawyers and school administrators, they probably never had seen the Ten Commandments.

At St. Joseph’s and Boy’s Central in Butte, we learned “Thou Shall not Kill. Public schools may have also mentioned the Ten Commandments, at least in an historical context, the Commandments being the distillation of Western Civilization.

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Do you need a semi-automatic rifle? Ask the Korean’s in South Central Los Angeles who armed and defended themselves and their property during the 1992 Rodney King riots. The police wouldn’t enter the area; they have no duty to protect you (Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales; DeShaney vs. Winnebago). The National Guard, the Army and Marines eventually restored order.

The Montana Constitution ensures bearing arms for self-defense and allows the governor to call forth the militia, i.e., almost every citizen of Montana. Trained militia volunteers could guard schools, shopping malls, stadiums and other mass gatherings: an active approach to teach the soul-less the education they didn’t receive in their formative years.

Red flag laws produce unforeseen consequences. Should we emulate Hitler Youth and inform on our parents and neighbors? The guy next door wears an NRA cap; he may be a mass–murder candidate. Does that red flag include a Hammer and Sickle?

Steve Kujawa, Butte

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