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Civic Center nonsense

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Civic Center nonsense

The editorial page of the Montana Standard on 5 September 2021 advocated “knocking down” the Civic Center because there may be tailings underneath it.

Knock down the Civic Center. What a brilliant idea.

Supposedly, ARCO will pay to replace the Civic Center. And do you think the replacement will look anything like the classic piece of architecture that sits on Harrison Avenue? No, it’ll probably look like a Butler building. But, then, ARCO will pay for it!

And you know what, since it isn’t a crumbling whorehouse with historical cribs, and, since, ARCO will pay for it, why, no one should object.

What a brilliant idea.

Colleagues of mine remediated buildings in Western Colorado that had foundations made of concrete containing radioactive mill tailings. Their objective was to not tear buildings down.

If there is really a problem with tailings under the Civic Center, do you think there may be many ways to fix it that don’t require “knocking “ it down?

Do you think the tailings could be drained, or isolated with grout walls, or remediated with any of several engineering solutions? I bet it could. But then, I worked for 31 years at a company full of people who knew how to remediate such problems.

Instead, let’s “knock down” the Civic Center. Brilliant!

Stephan T. Kujawa, PhD, PE, Butte


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