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Census is vital

As two of our elected leaders waste time and money to create untested census questions about immigration, the 2020 Census remains underfunded. If this isn't done right, the people of Montana will be left out of vital federal funding and new business, like high speed internet expansion. I am calling on Senator Steve Daines and Congressman Greg Gianforte to get focused and deliver a fully funded 2020 Census for all Montanans.

Census information is used by the government and businesses to make all kinds of decisions. Farm subsidy programs will be underfunded if the count is wrong. Internet companies deciding where to roll out new 5G technology will rely on census numbers. The census count impacts all of us.

To not get left behind, rural and hard to count areas need Congress to fully fund the 2020 Census. The Census Bureau hasn't been given enough funding to hire local partners or fully test their new online census platform.

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Our senior Senator Jon Tester and Governor Steve Bullock support fully funding the 2020 census without adding in expensive untested questions. These leaders have the experience to know that an underfunded census can hurt Montanans for years.

Rural and hard to count Montanans must not be forgotten. We need our Members of Congress to fully fund the 2020 Census immediately. Let’s make this census count. I'm urging Senator Steve Daines to follow the example of Senator Tester and Governor Bullock. Fully fund the upcoming census and reject every wasteful untested question.

Tom Cherry, Helena

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