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Carbon fee benefits

Carbon fee benefits

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Carbon fee benefits

When the City of Whitefish passed a municipal resolution endorsing the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act, what exactly were they supporting? Whitefish supports putting a price on carbon, which is akin to other national laws created to make our lives better, such as seatbelt legislation.

Here’s what actually happens when American lawmakers pass a carbon fee and dividend.

Carbon pricing saves lives. Turns out more Americans die from air pollution than from car accidents and murders combined. Just like seatbelts back in 1968, this new law will save millions of lives and improve the health of millions more.

Carbon pricing protects American business. Several developed countries already tax high carbon goods entering their border unless the exporting country already has a carbon tax. Without this legislation, when the US exports goods, we pay tax to them and money that should stay in our country goes to foreign nations.

Carbon pricing combined with a dividend puts cash money in your pocket. This specific policy returns the collected fees to every American household, and most importantly protects the bottom 40% of households from rising costs. You’ll be able to spend the money on anything, and the government doesn’t grow.

Carbon pricing makes non-polluting energy affordable. It’s a powerful market signal that American business prefers over regulations and it will elicit a rapid response . Even the oil lobby (American Petroleum Institute) prefers this approach. We have a consensus of how to address carbon pollution; now is the time.

Carbon pricing is the most effective tool to keep Montana’s waters, forests and climate healthy and liveable for future generations. Greenhouse gas emissions plummet,health soars, and the economy grows.

Please learn about the Energy Innovation Act and use your voice to make the world a better place -

John Zardis, Polebridge


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