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Bundy's supporters love freedom

Bundy event in Paradise:

First, your counting is off. We attended and organizers told us there were 255 chairs, at least 100 upstairs and standing, and 100 folks turned away.

Doug Ferrell's quote (Missoulian, Jan. 21): He attended, being concerned of the theme of the event? The theme was freedom, property and Cliven Bundy's story. The men and women who went to the Bundy's ranch love freedom; they were not "bands of armed men," nor was violence ever threatened except by the Bureau of Land Management.

The violence came from the BLM thugs who had snipers above the ranch, threatening the family as in the Randy Weaver and WACO murderous incidents. Bundy called for support — not killings! Threats were made by the government agents. Planes and drones also circled above. The Bundys feared for their lives.

Who funds the "nonprofit" Backcountry Hunters and Anglers? Ryan Busse is incorrect in stating that "the federal government doesn't own an acre of land"; they do own 10 square miles within Washington, D.C., forts and ports. If this be true, why do we need the federal government to manage our land?

— Dennis and Connie Gomez, Kalispell


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