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Big picture view

The Flower Pot Syndrome.

I have read about the planter being knocked over in uptown Butte.

I wonder about the big picture?

In my neighborhood nightly from sundown til 4 A.M we were being subjected to high volumes of loud traffic. Needles in our park, and parking areas the next morning. My gas was routinely stolen out of my gas tank ( locking gas cap after gas cap was broken). Dumpsters were being thrown down hills. There was an increase in house burglaries and window breakage.

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These are symptoms of the "elephant in the room" that is not being addressed: the explosion of illegal drugs being brought into our communities and the burden on our courts and the erosion of our community by addiction not being adequately prevented, handled, in a humane way. The inability of the law enforcement to stop the main sources of the illegal drugs being dumped into our community.

Get a big-picture, real time view.

Let's address it.

In stead of wasting time and county attorney's time pointing fingers at broken flower pots.

Terry Worden, Butte

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