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Biden, Bullock, broke

Biden, Bullock, broke

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Biden, Bullock, broke

Vice President Biden has said he will be the most progressive president since FDR. I agree. Senator Sanders said the radical ideas of the past are now mainstream. Again, I agree.

If Governor Bullock becomes a Senator he will join the radical train and vote the party line. The Democrat platform ( is ripe with socialist mandates, massive spending and control of your life. I believe Bullock has stated he does not support the platform, then why is he running as a Democrat?

He supports the ACA which millions discovered when they were kicked off their plans and shocked when they discovered major hikes in their premiums and deductibles. It was their wealth that was being redistributed because you can’t subsidize 30 million uninsured without someone paying something.

Robert Johnson, the nation's first black billionaire and co-founder of BET, said the $22 trillion spent since the start of the war on poverty changed very little. He also wants to spend $14 trillion on reparations.

Democrats remain committed to ending poverty by applying the 10-20-30 funding approach, to direct at least 10 percent of federal funding to communities where 20 percent or more of the population has been living below the poverty line for 30 years.

Many people took their tax base and escaped incompetently and corrupt Democrat-managed big cities for the suburbs. The Obama administration through Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulations cooked up a strategy that fundamentally would be a de facto urbanization of America’s suburbs. Biden has stated he would double down on this. Google “joe-biden-to-ramp-up-barack-obamas-plan-to-abolish-and-transform-americas-suburbs”.

The above is necessary to explain why we do not need another power-hungry Democratic senator in Congress. Pelosi and Schumer will ensure the party will support the platform, or else! Do not be naïve, Bullock will be a “good soldier” and follow the party. Just look at Tester who voted 95 % in favor of the Obama agenda and to impeach Trump.

Walter Rucinski, Kalispell


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