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Ballot initiative misleading

Recently environmental extremists launched a Ballot Initiative attacking Montana’s industry. Their claim was that it would not affect current jobs, only future jobs. They clung to this message even after the Governor’s Office, Montana Department of Environmental Quality and the State’s Legislative Services told them that it would immediately apply to two of southwest Montana’s largest employers.

In fact, on three separate occasions, the State’s Legislative Services informed them, in writing, that their initiative language was “confusing”, “vague”, lacking “definition”, “ambiguous”, “unclear”, lacking “specifics”, and “in conflict” with other laws. Yet the sponsors continued with their message that their initiative was clearly stated.

It was not until the Montana Standard called out their irresponsible and reckless behavior did they add two words to the initiative. One thing that is clear to me is that these people are misleading the public to achieve their idealistic goals. One can be assured that this ballot initiative, if passed, will impact several hundred jobs, several thousand Montana families, and have negative financial impacts to our state that will not be replaced through tourism.

Please don’t allow out-of-state interests to impact our amazing state. We need to send a “clear” message to these folks to take their lawyer-bait initiative back to California where it likely started in the first place.

— Dale Malyevac, Butte


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