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Bad news decision

Bad news decision

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Bad news decision

I finally gave in and watched the evening news. I really wanted to know what was going on in the United States and in the world. Boy did I make a big mistake. Nothing good on the news. Not even the commercials. This is the way it went.

"Good evening, just got a report a mass shooting at a mall this afternoon." And the reporter gave details. Can't wait for a commercial!

The first commercial....A nice looking lady standing beside a nice car. But the lady looked miserable. She said she was constipated. OH! But if you take this medicine you will be fine. Next showed her driving away with a big smile on her face. I'm not going to ride with this lady.

Next news segment. The covid cases are up in 39 states including Montana, hospitals are full. Many deaths each day. The news lady showed a hospital morgue. All bad ... can't wait for the next commercial.

The commercial came on. Three lovely dogs. All wagging their tails. So friendly. But ... yes a but. All three have fleas. But if you buy this collar the fleas will be gone. Now the fleas jumped off in your house.

Next segment. A huge volcano, hundreds killed, millions are homeless. They showed pictures. just awful.

The next commercial. Three nice friendly bears. But the bears were telling me I use the wrong toilet paper. I should use the same paper they use. You know the saying about what a bear does in the woods.!

Next a bad bus accident. 20 people killed. Then cities have protesters. Then how Russia hacked our computers. Then how the stock market took a dive. Nothing good. Not even the commercials. I made a mistake watching the news. But I never learn. Excuse me...the news is on now....Talk later.

LaVon Brillhart, Dillon


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