Americans deserve an honest president

Each morning I follow my habit of many decades to watch the local news station and read the newspaper. Now some persons say that these are a source of fake news or untrue news.

However, the fact that disturbs me most is the fact that our present president has told over 2,000 lies in just one year.

I think back to the 42 years in which I had the opportunity to teach children in primary grades. I remember how we stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance each and every morning. Often this pledge was accompanied by a patriotic song as we learned many each year.

In September and October I supported how wonderful our country is. How we are all Americans and valued. In November, December and January I supported how fortunate we are to have the right to vote and then support the elected persons. My favorite month was February, when we learned about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. These are two persons who we can admire mainly because they were two honest presidents.

I do not want a lying president in office. We Americans deserve an honest person in our highest office. When and how can we take the liar out of office?

— Patricia E. Waylett, Missoula