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I read with alarm the absurd proposal by State Senate President Scott Sales to send $8M of my money, and that of fellow Montanan's to our incompetent president for an unjustifiable border wall. Yet Mr. Sales could not find enough funding in the last legislature for Montana's needs in health care, infrastructure and schools. These are real needs, not the trumped up peril of a border crisis. Trump claims his wall would stop drug trafficking across the border. Government statistics show that much of the heroin in the country arrives through ports of call, not the border. Statistics also show that there is less violent crime by undocumented immigrants than by the general population. Indeed, illegal border crossings have been decreasing over the last ten years.

Trump's guiding light is "America First." I suggest Mr. Sales follow his master's lead and put "Montana First." I wonder if Mr. Sales is rubbing up against Uncle Donald's leg, hoping for a pat on the head, or perhaps he's looking for job as a lap dog on Trump's staff/.

John Alley, Butte

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