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Ref: B-SB Council of Commissioners - Communication No. 19-203

Butte Local Development Corporation Taking Over The B-SB Economic Development Mill Levy Funds

In that:

— 59% of those who responded to the B-SB growth policy survey favored citizen - government action alliances.

— The B-SB City-County Government Council of Commissioners Economic Development Mile Levy Funds Committee has traditionally favored a broader Economic/Community Development interpretation of Economic Development than what the BLDC is proposing.

— The citizen action SARTA Board and the BNRC Committee seem to do reasonable jobs in dispersing the public monies they have been entrusted with.

— The B-SB Council of Commissioners has recently authorized the hiring of a Grant Writer - Special Projects Coordinator who could fulfill the function of administrator (just as the Superfund staff person does for the SARTA.), without utilizing a considerable amount of the funds for administration and operation. Also this would provide the B-SB Special Projects person with an opportunity to interact positively with the people of the greater community.

— the B-SB commissioners need to utilize every opportunity afforded to demonstrate proactive positive interaction with their constituents.

— The clause 3.3. (e) allows the B-SB Council of Commissioners to; call for, authorize, and recognize the advice of a citizens action community council that could do the interview grunt work and provide the B-SB Council of Commissioners with a recommended distribution of the B-SB economic development mill levy funds for final B-SB CofC Economic Development Committee review and oversight before submitting to the full B-SB Council of Commissioners for approval.


— The B-SB Council of Commissioners should encourage the BLDC to continue to seek other outside funds for narrowly defined economic development, as they did in the case of the brownfields grants.

— The B-SB Council of Commissioners should make the adjustments to the current B-SB economic development mill levy grant program procedure to eliminate the current inadequacies and/or inconveniences of the current procedure and continue to directly administer those funds.

R. Edward Banderob

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