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When the “Silent Majority” allows a nation to lose its sovereignty, that nation is lost. You are allowing the politicians to take our country away from us. Why should we accept and adore the multi-culturalism? Review your world history, not one country has ever survived as a multi-cultural or a borderless nation. It is uni-culturalism which is our strength! One country, one culture, one language, but the majority of our political parties espouse insanity, ignoring the will of the people and says … No!

Diversity in this country has become “Dis-unity.” Once again, one country, one culture, one language. You cry out for unity but you continue to identify yourselves by your ethnicities and not your nationalism! African-American, Asian-American, Mexican-American, Irish-American, and so on. You want unity? Isn’t it about time we all become just plain Americans?

Furthermore, why are our inept politicians bankrupting the U.S. treasury fighting wars for countries whose citizens won’t fight for themselves? They continue to distribute billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars to countries who hate us. All this while our infrastructure continues to crumble and 40 percent of high school graduates cannot read or write at the fourth-grade level. This is madness! Lay down your misplaced global burden and rebuild America first.

You can’t support the world while neglecting your own country. We are asked to show compassion for almost 20 million illegals who live in this country, but not one word of compassion for the overburdened American taxpayers who are forced to subsidize illegals by doling out over $100 billion annually. America has become the welfare nation for failed corrupt foreign countries.

Stop bending over backwards to accommodate every other culture but our own. Stop allowing activist judges who ignore our history, our culture, our Declaration of Independence and every other founding document by removing GOD from public life.

Remember the words that are written in our Constitution: "Endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”… Not the ACLU, not the Atheist, or the anti-Americans who sit on the 9th “Circus” Court of Appeals in San Francisco. Separation of Church and State … yes! Separation of God from public life was never intended by our founding fathers!

The very political parties who claim to be the party of the people, who promise changes, but do nothing to secure our borders, continue to support illegals and fund countries that dislike us. They call themselves “Progressives” or “Global Thinkers.” There was another word for these types of people back in 1776, they were called Traitors!

If we do nothing now, we will be helping these corrupt politicians destroy America. I only hope to God America wakes up!

-- Kevin H. Brown, Senior Chief, U.S. Navy (Ret), Dillon. Brown retired after serving 41 years in the U.S. government; Navy Senior Chief (27 Years), DOD contractor and EPA (15 years). 


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