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Town Pump, through corporate giving and through the Town Pump Charitable Foundation, has given away more than $19 million statewide since 2000.

The specifics are staggering.

In 2017 alone, Town Pump gave:

-- $300,000 to fund “Meals for Backpacks,” a program in which schools and other nonprofits can provide nutritious meals for weekends and holidays, when children are not in school;

-- $500,000 in grants to 90 fire departments around the state for a wide variety of firefighting equipment;

-- $84,000 in Adopt-A-Family grants – 168 of them – across the state;

-- A $500,000 match to the more than $2 million raised by Town Pump’s annual Food Bank Fundraiser. The donations went to 81 food-providing organizations in 68 communities across Montana. The fundraiser has generated more than $24.5 million for food banks since 2002. Town Pump’s customers are to be congratulated for their incredible generosity as well.

-- $56,000 in scholarships to assist Town Pump employees, their children and their grandchildren in extending their education beyond high school.

There’s more. Since 2000, Town Pump, along with the ExxonMobil Education Alliance, has given more than $2 million to Montana schools. The Foundation provides grants for programs that might not otherwise have what they need, including summer reading programs, field trips, and math and science programs.

Town Pump has played an amazing role with the Montana Special Olympics. In 2017, Montana Special Olympics received $267,000 through grants and raffle sales at Town Pump locations. Town Pump is the premier mission partner of the Montana Law Enforcement Torch Run; a platinum sponsor of the state Special Olympics summer games; and premier sponsor of the state basketball tournament and the state winter games.

In last Sunday’s edition of The Montana Standard, the list of Montana organizations that have benefited from the Town Pump Charitable Foundation ran to some five pages.

The entire state has so much to be grateful to Town Pump for.

For Butte, of course, it’s a family thing. The Kenneallys and Town Pump have been a part of The Mining City for more than seven decades.

We are in awe of what they do for this town.

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