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One of the greatest fears of the elderly and partially disabled in Butte in the winter is FALLING ON THE ICE. One of the greatest concerns of parents whose children still walk to school is: Are the sidewalks and pathways clear so their children do not have to walk in the street?

I have noted, during these recent snow falls that some people do a great job of clearing their sidewalks, and even though we have a snow shoveling ordinance requirement others do little or nothing to remove the snow and ice from their sidewalks.

Melinda Barnes, executive director, Bike Walk Montana Inc, recently sent a communication requesting the B-SB Council of Commissioners to request the Chief Executive to strictly enforce (including warnings) the removal of snow and ice on all sidewalks, and particularly around schools and on primary walking routes to schools and commercial areas.

The communication was “Noted and Placed on File.”

I am told Old Time Butteites would not need stricter enforcement by our Local government to keep their sidewalks clear, they would have solved the problem themselves.

  • They would have talked to their neighbors.
  • They would have drawn together and clustered into volunteer brigades to make sure their own sidewalks were shoveled and would have assisted those elderly and disabled in their neighborhoods who are not capable of clearing their own sidewalks.
  • They would have called for Their Government or a non-profit to provide an app where volunteers (with their snow shovels and/or their ATV Snowplow Big Boy Toys) and those in their neighborhood needing assistance could connect.
  • They would have called for their Local Government to create a Court Ordered Community Service Program (for minor offenders to work off some of their obligation to Society instead of going scott free) to shovel the sidewalks in front of those neglected properties owned by out of state landlords and send those owners a bill.
  • They would have reminded their neighbors who have corner properties, to shovel the pathway all the way to the traffic lane, and not dump the snow in those handicapped ramps, so it blocks the pathway, gets packed down and turns to ice that makes the ramp more treacherous, and blocks the run off in the spring.

What are you willing to do to help keep all our sidewalks clear and safe this winter?

— R. Edward Banderob, Butte


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