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Guest view: Where is Gianforte work ethic?

Guest view: Where is Gianforte work ethic?

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Greg Gianforte wants you to elect him governor. Please don't.

I proudly served as Governor Brian Schweitzer’s budget director for 7 years. Governor Schweitzer and his chief of staff, Bruce Nelson, both ranchers, often had me and other key staff report to work by 7 am. Sometimes even 6 am. Thank goodness they weren't dairymen!

But Greg Gianforte doesn't share that same work ethic. As a member of Congress, Gianforte has missed more votes than 93% of his Congressional colleagues. Gianforte missed dozens of key votes, which ran the gamut from critical funding for education, to helping survivors of domestic abuse, to supporting our public health institutions and more.

State leaders can’t afford to just blow off work when they don’t feel like it. Montanans count on our elected officials to oversee our criminal justice system and maintain our health care system. State leaders are responsible for delivering a quality, public education to our children, keeping our roads paved, and keeping our hunting and fishing trips safe, and — hopefully — bountiful.

Greg Gianforte has little respect for the hard work governing demands, nor the hard working men and women who make up our state government —first responders, public health officers, teachers and state employees. Heck, he even refuses to meet with our brave fire fighters during a pandemic!

Montanans trust our elected representatives to look out for the public interest, not their own. If Greg Gianforte can’t even be bothered to show up for work, how can Montanans trust him to keep heavy metal out of our water, or stand up for ordinary folks on the Land Board? We already know how Gianforte feels about public access. After all, this is the man who sued the state of Montana to restrict access to a local fishing hole nearby one of his several properties.

Honest politicians recognize that government is complicated and challenging, and it requires hard work to maintain the programs that are vital to our health and prosperity. Greg Gianforte’s truant record in Congress demonstrates his unwillingness to put in the hard work in service to Montanans.

Mr. Gianforte has been a “No Show” Congressman. Now he wants to be your “No Show” governor. As Brian Schweitzer would say, “That dog don't hunt.”

David Ewer was previously Executive Director of the Montana Board of Investments, former Budget Director under Governor Brian Schweitzer and served in the Montana House of Representatives from 1993-2000.


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