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Guest view: Tester cannot support both Chipman and 2nd Amendment

Guest view: Tester cannot support both Chipman and 2nd Amendment

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Donald Trump Jr


For years, Senator Jon Tester has tried to convince the staunchly pro-Second Amendment people of Montana that he is "one of them," saying things like how “important it is for Montanans, myself included, to be able to protect your home with a gun.”

But his record often tells a different story. In 2018, many Montana voters might be surprised to learn that his National Rifle Association rating plummeted to a "D."

He voted against President Trump's pro-Second Amendment Supreme Court nominees, even after voting in favor of President Obama's anti-gun justices. He even pushed to turn friends and family members into criminals if they privately transfer firearms between each other. And now, the latest test of Senator Tester’s commitment to the Second Amendment comes in the form of David Chipman, President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

You may have never heard of David Chipman, but he is currently the greatest threat to your Second Amendment right to lawfully and responsibly own firearms to protect your property and the people you love.

To put it bluntly, Chipman wants to shred the Second Amendment. During his recent Senate testimony, he confirmed that he supports a complete ban on modern sporting rifles, like AR-15s. He supports the federal government’s ability to literally come into your house and confiscate lawfully-owned firearms once new restrictions are put in place. He also supports a ban on high-capacity — and even some standard capacity — firearm magazines.

Our Constitutional rights are too important to allow a political activist to run a public safety and law enforcement agency. Chipman is a former lobbyist for Michael Bloomberg’s extreme anti-gun group and is currently employed by the Giffords anti-gun lobbying group. In other words, we would be taking a guy whose current job is to advocate for guns being taken away from law-abiding citizens, and actually give him the power to do it.

Chipman has expressed utter contempt and disrespect for gun owners. He has frequently argued that there is no reason to own a gun and derided the 8.4 million first-time gun buyers who purchased a firearm last year for self-protection during the pandemic. He dismissed these buyers as fearful and preparing “for end times scenarios and zombie apocalypses.” He mocked firearm owners saying they “might think they are die-hard, ready-to-go, but unfortunately, they’re more like Tiger King."

In reality, we lawful gun owners want to protect our families. The desire to keep the people we love safe from harm is a human impulse that cuts across all races, classes, and socioeconomic backgrounds. During the pandemic, for instance, there was a 58 percent increase in Black Americans purchasing firearms during the pandemic because they wanted to defend their homes and loved ones while far-left activists were bent on defunding the police.

Here's what Senator Tester needs to understand: The sportsmen who make up a significant portion of the Montana electorates vehemently oppose Chipman. Twenty-two of the most respected, non-partisan sportsmen's groups, whose members are both Republicans and Democrats, signed a letter opposing his nomination because of his clear track record of opposing even the most basic gun rights.

The ATF is a powerful federal law enforcement agency that, under the right leadership, can help keep communities safe, but in the wrong hands could implement an anti-gun agenda that undermines our essential right to defend life, liberty and property.

The bottom line is this: Senator Tester either supports the Second Amendment, or David Chipman, but he cannot do both.

Donald Trump Jr. is the son of the 45th President.


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