By now we’ve all heard the disturbing defense of infanticide offered by the disgraced Governor Northam of Virginia. The barbaric practice of infanticide, which is the killing by violence or neglect of an innocent baby already born, was defended publicly again last week, and this time, it was by 44 U.S. Senate Democrats.

Instead of standing with the most vulnerable among us, 44 Senators chose to stand with the disgraced Governor Northam, and vote against the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.” Their vote brought Congress to one of its lowest points in its history.

The bill that failed in the U.S. Senate would simply have required that under federal law, born-alive babies who survive abortions must be treated with the same care as every other living baby born at the same gestational age. Whether an infant is born alive in Montana or Massachusetts, they would have been guaranteed the same protection and level of care - with dignity.

It’s astounding to us that the protection of a living, breathing baby has become a partisan issue. This is not about abortion. This is about whether it should be legal in the United States of America to kill or neglect an infant who has been born alive after a botched abortion.

We can’t help but think about our own precious children and grandchildren. How could anyone be against protecting our children from violence or the denial of medical care?

As a United States Senator from Montana, and an orthopedic surgeon and Montana State Senator, we’ve listened to folks around our great state, and have cared for patients, no matter their age or circumstances. It would be unconscionable for any doctor to kill or deny medical care to any patient, let alone a helpless infant.

Think about this, federal law provides criminal penalties of thousands of dollars in fines and even imprisonment if you would “harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, capture, or collect” any baby sea turtle, baby bald eagle or the baby of any other endangered species. It's absolutely absurd that human babies don’t have at least the same level of protection under federal law that we give to animals.

Senate Democrats will not have the last word on this matter. Soon Montana Democrats will also have the chance to decide where they stand on infanticide. In the coming weeks, there will be a bill in the Montana state legislature on whether to uphold the bare minimum of any civilized society and protect innocent little babies who survive botched abortions.

We implore our colleagues and friends, regardless of party, to join us in protecting the most vulnerable among us. Every human life must be valued. Every human life must be protected — from conception until natural death.

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Steve Daines is Montana’s United State Senator. Al Olszewski is a Montana State Senator and orthopedic surgeon.


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