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Guest opinion: A time for soul-searching

Guest opinion: A time for soul-searching

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Upon awakening the morning after the destruction in our Capitol, I felt a heavy heart. It seemed the fabric that holds us together as a nation had been torn. It seems we have lost our way, our identity as Americans.

On that day, those who support a man, who is a poor loser, stormed the Capitol and did violence. My deep sadness is because if I were to identify with a political party, I would identify with the Republican party. At this time, I cannot identify with either party because it seems those who want to create chaos from polarity are using the two-party system to further split America. Even though there is enough fault to spread between both political parties, the truth is those who support Trump caused this recent disgrace and destruction at multiple levels.

So, during my morning devotional time and prayers, I have sought solace and prayed for our nation. I imagine many in America have done similarly. One universal truth is: It is a time for soul-searching in America.

Where do we go from here? For me, first I am going to try to be the person, the American, the leader that I believe is best for our nation. The best person I can be is to be one who embodies and espouses the following attributes:

• Builds life upon the foundation of law, both inner and outer.

• Is not selfish and does not misuse power.

• Uses the opportunity provided by life to create greater unity and a means for all to be uplifted to accomplish all that “We the People” together can manifest.

• Takes the gift of free will and amplifies the good one can do with their life by serving something much greater than oneself.

Just like a phoenix rising, we can first become the shining example of the “City on the Hill” by each one of us upgrading how we live. Change starts with us, you, and I, today if we wish. This is the work of the ages and some might say “our cosmic destiny.”

Even though some might say something is destiny, no destiny is automatic. It seems we are further away from our collective destiny then ever after Wednesday's events. Yet, we still have opportunity. Each one of us needs to defend and protect the freedoms we are afforded in America by our Constitution. We protect freedom by following and conforming to the Rule of Law.

We have to just say no to those who would encourage, inspire, and incite us to raise up in violence. We can not allow ourselves to be eaten bite by bite by destruction from within.

What can one person do? “We the People” can rise up and act out with kindness, acceptance, love, and peace to start a revolution in consciousness. My vision and hope are that we all rise up in prayer and greater action for union that is not based on color, creed or anything that can be used to separate our hearts from working together in service to our greater community — America. Let us start a Revolution for Wholeness that starts at home inside of us, and from that foundation let us transform our nations and all the earth to be the place we dream of.

Hertha L. Lund is founder of Four Horses for Wholeness and Lund Law, PLLC.


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