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Got a news tip? Get in touch with us

We’re committed to reporting stories that help our readers connect with their community, especially breaking news and matters of public safety. If you see news we should report, please consider becoming a part of the local journalism effort in Butte.

Now, we have developed a faster, easier way for you to submit a news tip or story idea.

You’ll find a link on our website’s navigation menu (top left of our home page, scroll down to 'Join The Community') labeled News Tip. Tapping that link from your smartphone, tablet or computer launches a short form that allows you to send news tips or story ideas directly to our editors.

The News Tip form requires you to submit a phone number and email address. We will not publish that information, but it will help our editors verify the news tip. News tips cannot be submitted anonymously. Also, we cannot guarantee news coverage on every tip.

The News Tip feature is not for press releases, letters to the editor, obituaries or advertising. Please use the normal channels for that content. Also, readers may continue to contact journalists directly by phone or e-mail.

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