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Win $500 in our Dog Days of Summer Sweepstakes!

You know what we'd *really* like to give away? An extra month of summer!

Since that's not within our purview, in lieu of that we welcome you to enter our Dog Days of Summer Sweepstakes. Entering will allow you a chance to win $500 that you could use on any number of items that'll give you a boost in the last full month of summer. Perhaps a new outfit or two, some football tickets, or a fancy dinner (outside, we're guessing?). 

Entering is simple -- just visit the contest page. Once there, fill out the form, and you’ll be successfully entered.

As a valued subscriber, you have unlimited access to content such as this and, in fact, all articles on our site, with no surveys. Just make sure you're logged in.

As always, thank you for being a subscriber, and feel free to share our contest with friends and family.

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