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POLSON — Two U.S. Postal Service contractors who delivered methamphetamine along with the daily mail were arrested Thursday and charged with felony intent to distribute.

Anthony Friscia, 62, and Mary Friscia, 47, were booked and released from the Lake County jail on Friday, Lake County Sheriff Don Bell said. Bell’s office has started posting a jail overflow log on its Facebook page due to lack of space in the aging jail.

In a press release, Bell said a sheriff’s deputy acted on information that the Friscias, as route drivers for the Polson Post Office, were using the postal service to traffic meth from out of state.

An investigation was conducted with the aid of the U.S. Postal Inspector and U.S. Marshall’s Office, and in coordination with the Polson postmaster a suspicious package was identified. It was determined to have not been delivered to the address marked on the parcel, but instead was found at the Friscia home in Polson after a search warrant was executed.

Bell said nearly one-half pound of meth was seized, along with $1,000 in cash and 10 firearms.

The drug bust comes in the wake of other narcotics investigations conducted by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with Kalispell and Missoula area drug task forces that resulted in the seizure of an additional half pound of meth and 10 pounds of marijuana, all of which was trafficked from out of the area.


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