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Eric Stark just opened his Highway 93 RV Parts and Accessories business south of Victor but has been in the industry for over 35 years.

“We sell RV parts and accessories and just about anything for an RV is available to us,” Stark said. “We have catalogs to go through – if we don’t have what customers need we can order it.”

Previously known as Arizona RV Parts Center the family owned business sells parts and accessories, sunshade products and marine lines for any size and type of boat.

Stark said Highway 93 RV Parts and Accessories specializes in awnings for recreational vehicles.

“It’s kind of our little niche,” he said. “We make slide-out awnings, patio awnings, any type of an awning on an RV. We make slide-out awning fabrics here.”

The front of the store is filled with parts, accessories and products for recreational vehicles but the large back room is filled with manufacturing equipment, a cutting and welding table and sewing machines. A computer-guided digital table is set for custom cuts of windshield covers that fasten on vehicles with twist lock eyelet, snaps or door pockets.

“Everything that we make is precision,” Stark said. “We have a variety of slide out awnings fabrics and we weld the beads in rather than sewing them. We have a welder that sits on the table and goes down the track.”

Watch the process on a video at

The company also makes brightly colored polypropylene braid lines, also called dock lines or anchor lines for boats. They are strong enough to hold a hundred-foot boat.

The lines have additional uses.

“We get people who call us to make dog leashes of these great colors,” Starck said. “Then if they are at the lake and their dog is running around and goes in the water they aren’t dragging so much weight. These float but regular ropes get wet and all of a sudden a dog is pulling 20 pounds.”

All the products are finished with a company logo. Sewers place cuffs on each item that say “Hot Boat Ropes and”

Highway 93 RV Parts and Accessories is still in the process of setting up, getting sewing machine operators in place and fine-tuning the details.

“We also do eclipse sun shades that are retractable for vehicle windshields,” Stark said. “They keep the sun out, keep the interior cool and offer privacy.”

Stark sells his products on line through multiple websites and creates podcasts about recreational vehicle maintenance. Find the helpful podcasts at

“We are very pro ‘do-it-yourself,’” he said. “We want to get classes going here. Like say you have an RV and you want to replace a water heater and you don’t want to tackle it on your own. We schedule it for a class and you do it here with others watching and learning with the help you need to get through it.”

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Watch for do-it-yourself classes in July.

Stark’s career has been in distribution and manufacturing. He manufactured a product called “Pure Power Blue” used in RV holding tanks. He sold the product to a large distributing company called Valterra.

“We got it every RV store in the United States and Canada and then they came to us and wanted to buy it,” Stark said. “One of my brother’s invented the formula for it.”

Highway 93 RV Parts and Accessories sells products mostly around the United States but also ships to Canada and the rest of the world.

“A guy in Belgium wants a windshield cover, we ship to Sweden, Russia, where ever,” Stark said. “Our custom ropes often go to Australia. We always put our logo on – it’s our brand.”

Stark said he and his wife Karen moved from Arizona to Montana to help local family who are having health issues.

“We’ve been here many times and already knew we liked Hamilton,” he said. “We know how essential trust is in every business and that is what our reputation is built on. We look forward to serving the Bitterroot Valley for years to come.”

Find Highway 93 RV Parts at 1345 U.S. Highway 93 North, Suite 2B, with easy access and plenty of parking.

For more information call 406-961-8688 or email or online at

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