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Bike slam

A 43-year-old man was arrested for criminal mischief after he reportedly slammed his bike on the hood of a vehicle that struck him, police said.

Around 4 p.m. Friday, police said a woman turning north onto Harrison Avenue after exiting the interstate accidentally struck Samuel Keller, who was riding a BMX-style bike.

Police said the woman reportedly jumped out to see if Keller was okay, which is when he got to his feet and slammed his bike on top of her vehicle, causing significant damage. Officers were called to the area, where they spoke with both Keller and the woman.

Keller told officers he did not slam the bike on the hood, it rolled up onto the vehicle when the woman hit him, but police determined that did not make sense when looking at the damage to the woman’s vehicle.

Police arrested Keller for misdemeanor criminal mischief and transported him to the detention center.

Push to the throat

Police arrested a 20-year-old woman early Saturday for pushing another woman in the throat.

At 12:30 a.m., officers responded to an assault call on the 1100 block of West Granite Street. There, they located Tayla Matte and another woman arguing in the back of a residence.

Police said the victim told officers Matte had lashed out and pushed her in the throat. Matte admitted to striking the woman in the throat and was arrested for misdemeanor simple assault.

Criminal trespass

Two women were arrested Saturday morning for living in a vacant garage on Harrison Avenue. 

According to police, officers reported to the garage around 11 a.m. after a witness informed them someone may be living in it. Officers contacted the owner of the vacant garage, who told police no one should be there.

When police opened the garage, they found Emily Keyser, 38, and Tracy Pierce, 46. The women said the realtor told them they were allowed to keep their belongings in the garage in exchange for lawn work and snow removal, but police said the owner of the garage said that was not true.

Police also said it seemed the women had been living in the garage for some time and that officers found drug paraphernalia but could not determine who it belonged to. However, at the county jail, officers located a syringe on Pierce.

Both Keyser and Pierce were cited for criminal trespass to property, two misdemeanors, and Pierce was cited for misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Mace to the face

A woman was sprayed in the face with pepper spray after hitting a board against a local residence door, police said.

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According to police, they received a call at 2:14 p.m. on Saturday informing them there was a woman near Main and Aluminum streets half-dressed and acting strangely. When officers arrived, they found the woman lying on the ground. She told police she had “been Maced.”

After speaking with the woman and other witnesses, police learned that the woman and another man had approached a residence on the 900 block of Colorado Street to speak with the man that lived there. Police said the three people had reportedly had some sort of falling out, and the man and woman returned to speak with the resident about a dog.

When the woman and the man approached the house, the woman reportedly had a wooden board, which she used to hit the residence door with. The man inside then opened the door and sprayed her with a pepper spray, leading the woman to stick her head in a mud puddle nearby, police said.

The Colorado Street resident did not wish to press charges, police said, and the woman was transported to St. James Healthcare but refused medical treatment.

Aggravated burglary call

Police are looking for three men who allegedly struck another man in the head, causing him to bleed.

According to police, the three suspects went to a house on the 800 block of Main Street to take some sort of property. The two men at the residence got into an argument with the suspects, and one of the men was hit in the forehead, causing it to bleed, police said.

A detective has been assigned to the case and is working to determine who the three suspects may be, police said. The incident was logged as a medical emergency and aggravated burglary call, according to police records.

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