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A man accused of kidnapping his ex-wife, using a stun gun to control her and then raping her in a wooded area outside of Rocker pleaded not guilty to criminal charges Thursday.

Seidel Lee Pine, 32, pleaded not guilty to felony counts of aggravated kidnapping and sexual intercourse without consent and a misdemeanor count of partner/family member assault. District Judge Ed McLean set the next hearing for Jan. 16 and Pine will remain jailed with bond set at $200,000.

Aggravated kidnapping in Montana is punishable by death, life in prison or up to 100 years, and the sexual intercourse without consent charge carries a maximum life term or up to 20 years. The first charge carries a minimum two-year term, but Kelli Fivey, the chief prosecutor in the case, said she will not seek the death penalty.

The Montana Standard reported on the alleged crimes after Pine was arrested, but charging documents provide more details of the allegations.

The victim says she and Pine, who was released from state prison in July after serving time on a drug conviction, got back together in November but he was constantly drunk and high on meth and became abusive.

The woman, 33, says Pine took her to Walmart and Safeway on occasions and threatened her with a stun gun if she tried to flee. He used it on her at times and a later medical examination found bruises on her body and injuries consistent with a Taser or stun gun, prosecutors said in charging documents.

Police had responded to an altercation between the two on Nov. 17, and although they had been fighting in a neighborhood street in Butte, they told officers then that everything was fine.

But the woman says she was not allowed to leave Pine and around Nov. 26, he drove her in a Jeep to a dirt road near Rocker. She told police she thought she would be assaulted or killed.

At some point, she says he punched her in the face, took her to the woods and made her strip naked and walk around in the cold. He then raped her and later drove her home to Butte, she said.

She finally left the house on Nov. 29 and walked to Stokes Market on Harrison Avenue and had someone call police, prosecutors say. They had issued a statewide “attempt to locate” release on her earlier that day based on relatives’ concerns for her safety.

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Pine told police that he and the woman were trying to work things out, and although he initially denied assaulting or threatening her, he said he did “backhand” her when she attempted to grab the steering wheel during a drive.

According to prosecutors, Pine denied making her get undressed and go out in the cold and said he did not sexually assault her. He eventually admitted that they had sex on Nov. 26 but said it was consensual.

He blamed the woman for the domestic violence and said she attacked him, at one point cutting him with a knife near his navel during the drive, prosecutors said. He admitted owning a stun gun but denied using it on her.

According to the Montana Department of Corrections, a district judge in Yellowstone County sentenced Pine to 60 months in prison for criminal possession of dangerous drugs in March 2014. He was released this past July 28.

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