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A judge gave a Butte man a five-year suspended sentence Wednesday for walking down two streets in Butte drunk and clubbing car mirrors and windows along the way.

In another case, a Butte man with six previous convictions for drunken driving pleaded not guilty to charges that he did it again.

Prosecutors say Gonzalo Aguilar, 33, was highly intoxicated late at night on Oct. 21 last year when a woman who lived on Whitman Street heard commotion and saw him walking by.

She and her mother’s cars on Whitman had damaged windows, and she could hear more things break as Aguilar continued walking. Police found Aguilar and a large piece of wood they believed was used to damage the cars.

At least seven cars along two blocks of Whitman and one block of Majors Street had damaged mirrors, three had damaged windows and one also had a broken front windshield.

Aguilar pleaded guilty to felony criminal mischief, and District Judge Robert Whelan gave him a five-year suspended sentence Wednesday and ordered him to pay $270 in restitution.

Samm Cox, chief prosecutor in the case, said previous brushes with the law clearly showed that Aguilar had a serious drinking problem that needs to be addressed.

“He was drinking so heavily that he doesn’t recall hardly anything that night that he beat up all the cars,” Cox said.

Whelan was surprised the restitution request was for only $270, but Cox said only one vehicle owner submitted a damage claim with the state.

He told Aguilar he needed to follow recommendations in a chemical dependency evaluation so he didn’t “have any more lapses in judgment.”

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In the other case, Kenneth Routzahn, 57, pleaded not guilty to drunken driving for a fourth or subsequent time, a felony, and misdemeanor counts of driving while suspended or revoked and fleeing or eluding an officer.

According to prosecutors, Routzahn was driving a pickup and going 63 mph in a 35-mph zone in the area of Mount Highland Drive and Meadowlark Lane on April 14. He did not immediately pull over when an officer activated his lights.

He admitted he had been drinking and after some field sobriety tests was arrested. Dispatchers told the officer that Routzahn had six previous DUI convictions and two prior convictions for driving while suspended or revoked.

Routzahn was sent back to prison for violating parole after his arrest, prosecutors said, and he could be sentenced up to five more years if convicted of the seventh DUI.

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