A 22-year-old woman was arrested early Thursday for allegedly firing a gun in the air out of her truck window while chasing at a high rate of speed after a man she believed almost hit her dog. 

No one was injured in the incident.

According to police, they received a report around 5 a.m. of a black truck chasing a white car on Highway 2 south of Butte and were told shots might have been fired.

As officers made their way south toward the incident, they reportedly saw the two vehicles coming north near the 500 block of Harrison Avenue. The driver of the white car made a U-turn into the southbound lanes of Harrison when he saw police, but when the black truck attempted to do the same, it failed to turn south and instead drove north at the oncoming patrol cars.

The truck stopped to avoid a collision.

Police approached the black truck and spoke with its driver, Mariah Whetter. She reportedly told police that the man in the white car had almost hit her dog in the Basin Creek Road area south of Butte, which is why she chased him.

Whetter allegedly admitted to firing gun shots into the air from her window during the chase, but she also reportedly told police it was in an attempt to get the man in the white car to stop.

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Officers saw weapons in Whetter's truck, police said, and they were waiting on the approval of a warrant to search it as of noon on Thursday. 

The man driving the white car told officers he did not believe he came close to hitting Whetter’s dog and was not sure if the gunshots were fired at his vehicle or not, police said.

According to police, there was no damage to the man’s car and both vehicles reached speeds of up to 80 miles per hour during the chase.

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Whetter was arrested and transported to St. James Healthcare for a legal blood draw, which she consented to.

An officer with drug recognition expertise believed she may have been driving under the influence of a dangerous drug, and paraphernalia was allegedly located in her possession.

Whetter was cited for felony criminal endangerment, misdemeanor driving under the influence, and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police said more charges could be filed after Whetter's vehicle is searched.

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