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I'm scared

Dear Mr. Trump,

Speaking as a well-educated mother, wife and teacher- I’m scared.  I’m scared of what you represent in our country.  I’m scared of your promises, because they do not embody what I feel makes our country so great.  I’m scared that people are using your election as an excuse to spew hate- because your words and actions have shown them that it is okay.  I’m scared about how your decisions will affect the many students I teach and love.  My children and students’ minds are so impressionable at this age that I pray you set a good example and keep their well-being in mind…I’m scared you won’t. I’m scared for my fellow Americans who feel threatened by you because they are not in your definition of American. 

Even though I’m scared, I will pray for you.  I’ll pray that you make decisions for our country with all of us in mind, not just the top percent. I pray that my fears will be replaced with respect for you. I’ll pray for your success, because our country depends on it. I’ll pray I’m wrong about you-but until you show me otherwise I’ll continue to be scared.

— Katie Peaslee, Butte

Montanans beside you

Dear President Trump,

I want to wish you all the best. We know Obama left you a mess but we Montanans will be beside you. God bless you and your family.

— Candace George, Billings

Praying for you

Dear President Elect Donald Trump,

I want you to know that while I didn't vote for you (I voted for your Vice President as a write-in candidate), I will support you as the President of OUR United States. I emphasize 'our' because you now represent all American citizens, as a nation, in dealings with the world.

I will be praying for you and all those whom you choose to help lead and administrate our Country. My prayer is that all of you do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I also pray that if errors or mistakes are made by you or members of your administration, that they are openly admitted and resolved in a transparent manner. As a Christian, I know no one is perfect and forgiveness is offered to all those who honestly ask. Please do all you can to refrain from party politics in your decision making and truly look out for the interests of all the citizens of this nation, regardless of creed, color or nationality. Make decisions as if they will be the last you make before you pass from this world and meet your maker. Never forget you are loved simply because God created you as He created all of us. We are all equal before God and will, someday, be held accountable for the love we have shown our fellow man. And as I will pray for you, your family and your administration, I also request that you pray for me and my family. May the Lord bless you and bless your presidential leadership and administrative team at all levels of government. Thank you for this opportunity not only to write to you but to advise that I will be praying for you.

— Dan Morgan, Missoula

Fix welfare

Please get these people off welfare make them work and get drug screened. More financial help for daycare assistance for the working class people and the elderly. Food stamps should only buy veggies, dairy, some meats not junk food and steak. We believe in you Donald Trump.

— Sonya Hance, Glendive

Den of thieves

And he taught, saying to them:

"... My house shall be called the house of prayer to all nations ... But you have made it a den of thieves."

— John O'Brien, Butte

Wishing you well

Dear Honorable President Elect Trump,

Thank you so much for continuing on through the mud and muck of Liberal bombardment of their toxic road block attempts to smear your attempt to make America Great Again. Like myself and many other millions that not blindly voted you in, wish you well in your term(s) to come. While draining the swamps of our current crooked government best wishes on making our country No.#1 again.

— Leonard Rawson, Butte

We trust you

Dear Mr. Trump,

Congratulations on winning the bid to be our next president of United States. There is no greater responsibility for any one individual then the task ahead of you. We trust you and look forward to watching you make America great again in the years to come. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

— Brian Burns, Lolo

Not my president

When you mocked the disabled reporter I was watching. When you boasted about grabbing women by the -----, I was listening. When you boasted that you "know more than the Generals" I shook my head in disgust. When you dishonored John McCain and the Gold Star parents I thought you couldn't sink any lower. And now that you continue your lies and backtrack on promise after promise that you used to suck in the hopeless and uninformed, with Putin patting you on the back, I can only hope for impeachment. #notmypresident

— Janet Sharin, Billings

Keep it up

Keep doing what you are doing. As far as Russia goes, "Keep your friends close keep your enemies closer."

— Reba Sept, Circle

You are a usurper

Mr. Trump,

You are not my president, you are a usurper that was able to obtain the presidency through the help of Putin. You do not represent my country, your beliefs and values undermine everything that America stands for. I will spend the next four years living my life, raising my family. Hopefully you will not cause too much damage to our country.

P.S.  This is as polite as you'll get from me.

— Lori Silk, Butte


Congratulations on your victory. We hope that you will be able to fulfill most of your campaign promises. We are realistic enough to know you can not fulfill all of them but at least we are headed in the right direction.

— Patricia Barringer, Whitehall

With you from the start

Dear President-elect Trump,

This opportunity to contact you is provided by the Helena Independent Record. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity because at age 84 I am struggling with learning to Tweet!

I have been strongly with you from the start—the only other candidate I encouraged was Dr. Ben Carson because I felt secure in the fact that he would have an impressive handle on how to handle “Obamacare” and I continue to feel he can be very helpful in this effort.

We should be very thankful that you won the election with considerably less expenditure than your opponents. For years I have been appalled at the unbridled spending on political elections—money which otherwise could be used more effectively to assist those in need—including the poor, the veterans, the elderly and the list can go on and on. We need to get out of the “big money” winning elections and base our choices on the unfettered ability to make choices and lead.

I have continued to be amazed at your stamina, drive and knowledge of much of what is necessary to know. And I am impressed with your ability to understand the plight of the American people. This I’m certain comes from your intent listening to their cries for help. I have prayed to God to provide you with the Wisdom and the Words to do the big job you have ahead. You seem to have the same attitude that my father had—“a vacation is what you take when you can’t take what you have been taking.” Work hard when you’re working and play hard when you’re playing. A short three-day break can and will work wonders.

Good luck with your presidency and effective leadership.


— Robert E. Wynia M.D.

Consult with experts

Mr. Trump:

If you must Tweet, please consult with experts and Think before doing so. Do not rely on Ideologues for your sources of information. Talk to Americans like an adult. Do everything to prevent a backslide in America e.g. insure: health care for all; respect for each individual regardless of gender, origin, or religion; and income security for all who have contributed throughout their lives to Social Security.

— Dianna Porter, Butte

Something to be proud of

Thank you for giving so much of your personal life to save our country. You and the people you are bringing in will give us the people of the United States a better life something to be proud of again. You sir are the person we all have been waiting for God Bless you and your family.

— Katherine Ishmael, Park City

Remember retired seniors

Dear President elect,

I implore you to consider all of us retired seniors and cancer survivors not to reduce or eliminate our critically needed Medicare and Medicaid services! Our sustained quality of life would no longer exist with cuts in our current levels of benefit!

I also beg you to consider the 20 million beneficiaries of the current A.C.A. and to not eliminate the desperately needed benefits they currently receive. If you and the GOP can improve on the current A.C.A. by all means do so....but please do not simply get rid of it without improvement for those whose lives are critically dependent on it!

I hope you will honor the promises to made in regard to the above issues. Don't forget about the most vulnerable, through no vault of their own. Best of luck, you are taking on the most difficult task in the entire world! I hope you are up for it Mr. President elect!

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— Richard Torkildson, Clancy

Not now, not ever

The spawn of your thoughts is hate. Here is but one consequence: "Richard Spencer gains notoriety for white nationalism, aims to grow movement." You, Mr. Trump, will never be my president. Not now. Not ever.

— Tim Horan, Helena

Make it simple

I have been a rancher for 60 years. When you do your income tax reform make it simple. If you want to stimulate small businesses and agriculture eliminate the inheritance tax. We spend a large share of our income on lawyers, accountants, and then the next years the rules are changed and process starts all over again. In 1960 our income taxes were about four pages. There are so many today I haven't counted them.

Please eliminate the "The Waters of the USA", without water rights we will be out of business.

— Don Burnham, Helena

Proud to vote for you

I am glad to say I voted and prayed you would be our next president . Our town is very depressed and would like to see some job growth, any help to bring jobs to Butte. I am also hoping to get some tax breaks on income tax. I live on fixed income and pay way too many taxes.

God bless and proud to say I voted for you.

— Janis Quam, Butte

Voice of morality

Thank you for all your efforts, willingness and sacrifices you have made and will give and make in the future for our country and citizens. I think the country may be able to hear the voice of the non socialist now!!!

Please look after voice of morality, put God back in to our schools, legislation and states' powers please as best you can. Please allow things like Vidangel to exist and let real freedoms be our choice in morality in as much as you can. Thank you again for your service.

— Rise Cooley, Whitehall

Integrity, honesty, transparency

Mr. President,

It will take an administration of integrity, honesty and transparency to regain the trust of our nation.

I look forward to an administration that operates within the bounds of our Constitution. My priorities include, but are not limited to a Justice Department that enforces the law as it is presently written, a Department of Defense that is funded, equipped and trained to fight and win if/when called on. Our homeland defense should be empowered to enforce the law and protect our borders. Environmental protection needs to be restructured and refocused to serve the needs of the people while protecting our environment. The VA needs a serious shakeup, it does not exist to serve itself, but rather to serve our veterans.

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You are our president, make those changes happen that you promised in your campaign --- we have your six!

— Tim Roberts, Helena

Outlaw Super PACs

President Trump,

In this election, you and Bernie Sanders proved that it is not necessary to take huge contributions (bribes) from special interests in order to run viable national campaigns. Please work to outlaw super PACS and huge contributions from all sources so that once again "We, the People" will not be "outshouted" by big money special interests.

— Bob Balhiser, Helena

Last but not least ...

Show us your tax returns, divest yourself completely of your business interests, do not appoint any Goldman Sachs billionaires to your cabinet, get your intelligence briefings and believe them, disavow the white supremacists who cheered your election, keep the ACA, don't defund Planned Parenthood, accept the reality of climate change and work to save out planet while there is still time, appoint a moderate to the Supreme Court, increase taxes on the ultra wealthy, keep Dodd-Frank, and last but not least, stop tweeting.

— Patricia Christian, Helena

Prove us wrong

Mr. Trump,

As one of the 65 million-plus Americans who voted against you, I would like to convey this message to you: PROVE US WRONG!  Prove that you actually hold your office in esteem, enough to stop embarrassing our nation with your uneducated and careless tweets.  Prove that you ran for office for America instead of yourself by disentangling yourself from all of your international, personal, family and US business enterprises.  Prove that you are a loyal patriot by cutting your ties with foreign enemies and organized crime.  Prove that you care about the precious natural treasures we have in Montana including two national parks, a multitude of state and county parks, clean air and water, and access for all to our public lands.  Prove that you value our lives by giving all of us, even our poorest residents access to health care.  Prove that you value education by adequately funding public schools and colleges to assure that our children have a promising future.  And prove that you understand the importance of our role in the world by learning your job and taking it seriously.

— Colleen Grass, Helena

May your steps be guided

Dear President Trump,

As you walk down the streets of America, to the halls of the White House, In our Republic of The United States, with the Constitution in hand, may your steps be guided by the Holy Spirit of the great God. For the fight of evil vs. good, will be contained, in the truth, as you submit that fact to the nation. The light you bring can not fail, in trust and truth. May God bless you on your journey, with protection of its people. Thank you for this opportunity for speaking.

— Cleo Violette, Anaconda

Take care of poor

Take care of the nation's poor. That may be the only way to redeem your soul.

— David Ferguson, Butte

Keep Affordable Care Act

I am 64 years old with three different types of arthritis and degenerative disease in my spine. I have worked for 40 years and was able to retire in 2015. I could no longer give 110% to my job so decided it would be best for them and me if I retired.

ACA and the supplement I get has helped me to be able to afford my medications and therapy so I can stay at home and be productive and take care of myself. I ask that ACA is not repealed before something better can be implemented at the same time.

I did not vote for you and do not agree with a lot of the things that you have said, but I am praying for you and your presidency, that you will be able to do all the things you talked about and that you will be healthy and happy in this role. I want you to do a great job and to be successful because when you are successful, the country is. Thank you for your time and God Bless.

— Marjorie Gilbert, Helena

Stop demeaning others

Please, please, please stop the demeaning statements about others. You are now the President. Time to take the high road when you are criticized. It comes with the territory and handling it with grace would do a lot to increase your credibility. Concentrate on your plans and listen to both your supporters and opponents so that the best decisions can be made for our country.

— Carolyn Boyd, Bozeman

Temps fall, stocks rise

THANK YOU for putting your personal interests, family, and financial empire on hold to lead this nation.  I am one of the Thankful ones, half of the nation are the unthankful ones!  I wish you the best of success!

PS---It is COLD here in Montana this winter and it is my belief that now that you are President the temperatures will fall and the stock prices will rise!

Another thing I noticed here was that this year everyone said Merry Christmas in the stores.  It brought me back to Christmases past.

— Rebecca Spencer, Billings

Ecstatic that you won

Dear Mr. President Trump,

My family is ecstatic that your are our new President, we are so looking forward to the Jobs you are bringing back to America.  We pray Godly guidence and protection for you in your new adventure of being America's Great Leader! 

God Bless and Keep you President Trump.

— Kathy and Terry Everhard, Helena

Concern for country

I find it hard to believe that I am really doing this but I feel I must share some of my thoughts and my deep concern.

Donald, I have been on this planet longer than you and this is the first time I am experiencing concern and high anxiety about the security of our country and the world conditions.  I hope you are able to resolve some of the conflicts you are and will face as you move forward. I sincerely hope you find it in yourself to begin to put the interest of our country and your supporters first and to recognize that all events are not directed toward you personally. I am personally offended when I am told I am stupid for believing that Russia hacked us. I am not opposed to a productive relationship with them, but like dealing with children or pets we must show them what is appropriate and what limits we expect.

I pray that God will protect us and that you will recognize what is best for those who voted for you and what will make our country strong, safe and secure. 

— JoAnn Cote, Missoula

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