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Our readers speak

Our readers speak

Letters to the Editor - Sunday, July 9, 2006

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Regarding Levi: Let’s set the record straight

In response to a recent column written by Bill Foley on July 4, we write to make things perfectly clear about Levi Leipheimer’s cycling career.

First of all, we don’t like being put into a position to have to defend an honest, upstanding person like Levi. Our local newspaper forced us into this position.

We are his family, we know him as well as anyone.

Bill Foley’s comments were offensive, immature, and worst of all, uneducated.

Mr. Foley, you know so little about cycling, you should not attempt to write about it.

You try to cast doubt upon Levi by stating “so we can only presume that Levi isn’t a cheater.” You make reference to a single incident where Levi had a run-in with a banned substance a few years ago in 1997.

We are stating for the record that the substance he innocently used was Claritin D. He took Claritin D to relieve his hayfever symptoms.

The USCF (United States Cycling Federation) soon realized that its rules regarding allergy medications were too strict and subsequently allowed the use of them.

So, Mr. Foley, if you are trying to make a connection with hard core drug use in cycling, and Levi’s use of a hayfever medication, you are sadly misinformed, and worse yet, you are guilty of portraying Levi in a false light.

Shame on you for refusing to let Butte revel in Levi’s success! This community has had enough of your negative journalism.

Levi has done nothing but sacrifice, work extremely hard, and practice supreme discipline. (And that includes not using drugs) That’s what got him where he is.

And no matter where Levi finishes in the Tour De France, he can hold his head high.

Yvonne, Bob and Rob Leipheimer

The Outdoorsman,

2700 Harrison, Butte

A Dillon man discovered how fascism works

Richard Celata’s home was raided last week by the ATF and FBI and his goods confiscated. His crime? He had patriot info and parts for gun kits (legal in Montana).

Read about it in the June 16 Montaan Standard.

A lot of Montanans have figured out that global government controls the U.S. and can see that the federal government intends to control all state governments.

The Montana Legislature joined six other states rejecting the Patriot Act, because it wipes out the Constitution and Bill of Rights, with the passage of SJ 19. You can “Google” MT SJ 19 and read it.

There is no way to enforce it without secessation legislation. The feds can beat us up all they want and nobody can do a thing about it right now.

So walk softly and carry a big stick? California, Arizona, Texas and Vermont all have secessation legislation made to enforce their sovereignty clause in case they need it. That’s a big stick. Montana doesn’t have a big stick like they do.

What’s the solution to this problem now that we have identified it? We either keep on the way we’re going in this state and end up with fascism or enforce the Montana State Constitution sovereignty clause and end up with freedom. Which way do you want it? We can’t have it both ways.

What happened to Celata could just as well have happened to you. Don’t keep any patriot information around your house.

Turn in your firearms. Take down that copy of the Constitution off your wall. Get rid of your Bible. Don’t home school your kids.

And whatever you do don’t argue with the federal police. You’ll probably just land in a FEMA work camp.

This material about global government is easy to research.

I hope everybody does that.

Steve Groff

P.O. box 260201

Martin City

Flag-burning radio ads just a smear campaign

Recently I heard an extremely offensive radio ad in which Sen. Conrad Burns questioned the patriotism of his opponent, Jon Tester.

The issue was flag burning, and what should be done about it. Loyal Americans hold every possible viewpoint on this issue, which is how it should be in a free society.

Burns argues that the only patriotic position is a constitutional amendment to ban it.

This argument is ridiculous and fails the simplest test of logic. We have thousands of laws and only 27 constitutional amendments. It’s extremely complicated and expensive to amend the constitution. We deal with almost all social concerns with ordinary laws.

We don’t even have an amendment to ban murder. Does that mean we like it? We deal with murder through regular laws, and if flag burning violates the rights of others (such as using it as harassment) we can deal with it through ordinary laws as well.

Burns is cynically trying to use the strong patriotic feelings of veterans and other Montanans to mount a smear campaign against a good man.

Let’s use the voting booth to tell him what we think of those tactics in Montana.

Eric Wahler

P.O. Box 1455



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