In May Butte and Montana lost one of its business leaders with the death of Ron Ueland.

By all who described him in the following stories, Ueland was an active, intelligent, compassionate man, a well-known fixture in Montana’s agribusiness scene, and someone who embodied the entrepreneurial spirit, known to always have several irons in the fire. His partner and confidant was his wife Sue, who he was married to for over 45 years, and the two supported one another in their ventures.

According to his brother Ray, Ueland was on the cusp of some exciting new developments in his business dealings when he died, and the portfolio that Ueland had at age 65 was just “the tip of the iceberg” of where he was poised to go.

One of his businesses, Intercontinental Truck Body Co., started a move from Conrad to Anaconda in December and doubled its workforce in the months that followed. Meanwhile, Ueland’s $15 million Montana Craft Malt facility was in mid-construction, standing on the precipice of a new chapter in malting operations in Montana.

Ueland’s loss was a shock to family members, investors and business partners, but all involved are continuing the business leader’s legacy because, they say, throwing in the towel simply wasn’t an option.

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