Jesus figurine from nativity scene stolen

The 15-inch figure of Jesus, shown here, was discovered missing on New Year's Day.

When Jack McCormick walked out to his mailbox to retrieve his copy of The Montana Standard on Thursday morning, he found a welcome surprise in the snow: the 15-inch baby Jesus figurine that had been stolen from the nativity scene displayed on his front porch on Keokuk Street. 

With baby Jesus back in his crib, an important tie to Meaderville's St. Helena Catholic Church was restored.

That was a relief to Jack and to his wife Andrea, whose uncle had originally acquired the scene just before the neighborhood was demolished and the church was moved in the late 1960s. 

According to Andrea McCormick, a note was included with the returned figurine that was addressed to Jack McCormick and "From Yahweh."

"This is God," it read, "I took my son back for a trip! I'm returning him now! God Bless." 

A second note, signed God and decorated with a smiley face, asked the McCormicks to "Please keep further matters off Facebook." 

While the notes offered less explanation than further confusion, Andrea McCormick said she was just glad to have the figure back. 

"Whatever their reason for taking it," she said Thursday morning, "I'm just glad they thought twice about it and were willing to return it." 

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