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Town Pump Corporate Headquarters

Town Pump headquarters, 600 S. Main St., is pictured here in 2019.

Roughly 5 to 10 gallons of gas leaked into the basement of the Town Pump convenience store in Ennis on Saturday morning.

No one was injured and there was no environmental damage as a result of the leak. 

According to Joseph Brummell, Madison County's fire warden and director of emergency management, the Madison Valley Rural Fire Department responded to the gas station around 11 a.m. after employees smelled fumes in the building and called 911.

Emergency responders immediately turned the station’s power off and worked to soak up the leaked gas. They then worked with Town Pump’s environmental department both to determine the cause of the problem and to fix it.

Bill McGladdery, Town Pump’s director of corporate communication, said the leak was from a split in the O-ring of a turbine pump and that all of the spilled fuel was contained in the store's basement.

McGladdery said the Town Pump environmental department informed the Montana Department of Environmental Quality of the leak immediately, coordinated clean up with Madison County responders over-the-phone, and sent professionals from a Bozeman environmental consulting group they frequently partner with to the Ennis gas station.

“This was kind of a first,” McGladdery said, explaining that Town Pump hadn’t dealt with a leak like this before but believes it may have been a result of cold weather. “Any calls to the environmental department are escalated to a very high level immediately.”

At 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Madison County emergency responders turned everything back over to Town Pump and its consultants, Brummell said. Power was restored to the convenience side of the gas station at the same time.

“It was really nice to deal with the Town Pump environmental specialists right away," Brummell said. "They helped us out immensely."

The clean-up lasted about nine hours, and Town Pump was able to repair the turbine O-ring on Monday. Montana DEQ officials said Tuesday that Town Pump will be sent a 30-day release report form, which requires the corporation to detail what happened and what action took place or is going to take place.

Once the DEQ receives this report, they will determine if any further clean up or action needs to be taken, officials said.

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