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Police reports

Teen arrested for drug possession

Police arrested a 14-year-old female at East Middle School, 2600 Grand Ave., for possession of dangerous drugs at about 1 p.m. Friday. School officials allegedly caught two female students smoking outside during the lunch period and checked the students’ lockers. Officials found a small amount of marijuana in the locker of the student police arrested, according to police. Police cited the other student for possession of tobacco.

Resisting arrest

Police arrested Zachary Webber, 38, of Butte for a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest and a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct at about 1 p.m. Saturday on the 200 block of North Clark Street.

Police were allegedly called to the alley because of an altercation between two males. When police were trying to break up in the incident, Webber allegedly became louder and abusive to the officers.

Reckless driving

Police arrested Deanna Wajahuski, 38, of Butte for reckless driving, no liability insurance, driving on a suspended license, and habitual offender, all misdemeanors, at about 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Grand Avenue and Garfield Street. Police report that Wajahuski was driving aggressively on interstates 15-90 and tried to run a vehicle off the highway before getting off at the Continental Drive interchange.

Aggravated DUI

Police arrested Justin Bayer, 20, of Butte for a misdemeanor count of aggravated DUI and a misdemeanor count of speeding.

Police allegedly saw a car parked with the driver’s door open on the side of the road during routine patrol at Dewey Boulevard and Rowe Road at about 12:30 a.m. Saturday. When police stopped and approached the vehicle, Bayer allegedly sped away, driving 38 mph in a 25-mph speed zone. Police stopped Bayer at Harrison and Dewey. He allegedly blew twice the legal limit for alcohol.

Asleep at the wheel

Police responded to a report of a truck striking a stop sign at Bennett and Main Streets and found Cory Hyndman, 29, of Butte asleep at the wheel on the 10 block of Bennett Street at about 1 a.m. Saturday. Hyndman allegedly blew three times the legal limit for alcohol and was arrested for a misdemeanor count of aggravated DUI, a misdemeanor count of hit and run of highway fixtures, and a misdemeanor count of driving while license is suspended.

Underage partiers

Police cited seven underage females, ranging in age from 13 to 17, at about 10 p.m. Saturday for possession of alcohol on the 100 block of East Second Street.

Police contacted the parents of all the juveniles and sent them home, according to police.

Criminal contempt warrants

Police arrested Stuart Shikoli-Wesonga, 24, of Butte for two misdemeanor criminal contempt warrants, a misdemeanor for failure to have two lighted headlamps, and a misdemeanor for operating without current registration. Police report that Shikoli-Wesonga was driving with only one headlight at 3 a.m. Saturday and pulled him over at Harrison Avenue and A Street. He allegedly lacked registration, and police also found he was wanted for two misdemeanor warrants for criminal contempt.

Outstanding warrants

Police arrested Jamie Church, 29, of Butte at Town Pump, 531 S. Montana St., for three criminal contempt warrants at 2 a.m. Sunday. Police recognized Church, who was in the parking lot, as having outstanding warrants.

Suspicious driver

Police responded to a report of a car driving suspiciously on the 200 block of West Granite Street and stopped Justine Berger, 23, of Butte at about 5 p.m. Saturday. Police arrested Berger for having two outstanding warrants, one misdemeanor criminal contempt warrant and one misdemeanor Montana Highway Patrol warrant.

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