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Accused criminal's busy day

John Michael Cynar interacted early and often with the Butte-Silver Bow police Thursday.

The day's first brush with the law occurred at 12:14 a.m., when officers approached him at the Town Pump, 1325 Harrison Ave. An employee at Kmart had observed a man stuffing a duffel bag with other goods and leaving the store just before it closed. The employee was going to wait until the next day to report the apparent shoplifting to police but then happened to see Cynar, whom he believed to be the thief, shortly afterward at the Town Pump and called police.

Cynar initially gave police a false name but admitted to his real identity after a document check, officers said. He was charged with shoplifting and obstruction of a police officer for providing a false name.

Cynar was bonded out of jail later Thursday morning. Then, early in the afternoon, police were called to Wendy's, 3225 Harrison Ave., to investigate a report of assault. Police said Cynar was going through the drive-through when he received a frozen drink that landed in his lap. He threw it at the window server, striking her with the drink. Police cited him for misdemeanor assault.

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A few hours later, shortly after 5 p.m., a theft-prevention employee at Walmart called police after a man later identified as Cynar was stopped trying to leave the store with a black backpack filled with pellet guns, a radar detector, and a dashboard camera. The employee told police Cynar had been captured on videotape the two previous days shoplifting other items, including an orange backpack, which he wore into the store on Thursday.

Cynar was re-arrested and charged with several counts of shoplifting. A police search found a substance thought to be methamphetamine on his person, and he was also charged with felony possession of dangerous drugs.

He was still in jail Friday.

Backseat brawl brings arrest

Police responded to a report of a disturbance at a mobile home park in the 5100 block of Warren Avenue. Police said two men apparently got into an altercation in the back seat of a car because one of them took exception to the other man harassing the female driver of the car.

Arthur Steven Apodaca, 32, of Butte was charged with misdemeanor assault after bloodying the nose of the other man.

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