BUTTE — Andrew Wheeler, acting administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, made a historic visit to the Mining City and the Smelter City Friday.

Wheeler broke a 28-year streak Friday when he, in the top position at EPA, visited both Butte and Anaconda. Before Friday, William Reilly was the last EPA administrator to visit both the Mining City and the Smelter City. Reilly came in 1990 at the behest of then-Sen. Max Baucus.

Butte and Anaconda and the Clark Fork River Superfund cleanup make up the largest Superfund complex in the nation. Many in Butte and Anaconda said Friday during Wheeler's visit that it was about time the towns got this level of attention and it’s time to ‘get’er done’ and get Butte and Anaconda cleaned up and delisted.

-Susan Dunlap, The Montana Standard 

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