St. Patrick's Day 2018: Maloney's Bar

It was standing room only outside of Maloney's bar during the afternoon on Saturday. 

St. Patrick's Day is upon us, and there is a lot to see and do. Here is a roundup of everything that has happened so far this weekend, plus some fun Irish and Butte knowledge keep you in the festive spirit.

Hundreds of revelers: Hundreds gathered along the streets in Uptown Butte  on Saturday afternoon for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade as waving politicians, decorated floats and traditional Irish dancers passed by to the sounds of pipes and drums

Live updates: Our reporters were at the parade and other celebrations providing live updates throughout the day. They took a ton of photos

Watch it live: St. Patrick's Day weekend isn't over yet. The St. Patrick’s Day live webcam is streaming on mtstandard.com again this year. It will be live from the Party Palace in Uptown Butte through Sunday morning. No matter where you are in the world, you can view the festivities at mtstandard.com/stpats.

Don't drink and drive: We've got you. A bus will be running in Uptown throughout the weekend. (The streets will be closed anyway.) Here are the stops, and times it will be available.

Grand marshal: The secret to a long life for 99-year-old Enda Bowman may be her black Irish sense of humor. When Matt Boyle, Butte America Foundation parade director, called Bowman early last week to tell her the foundation chose her to lead Butte’s famous St. Patrick’s Day parade Saturday, Bowman told him she’d try to live long enough to get there.

Enda Bowman

Enda with her "Igor butler," whom she enjoyed decorating for holidays.

Two grand marshals: Meanwhile, Anaconda will have two grand marshals — Ellen Gallagher as well as Larry Lakel — in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade this Saturday.

Butte Irish facts: On St. Patrick’s Day, we not only celebrate our heritage, we salute that Butte Irish tenacity. It has become integral part of our genetic makeup. Here are some facts about some of those early-day Irish immigrants who helped to shape our town.

Butte Melting Pot Irish

The largest group of immigrants came to Butte from Ireland. This photograph of St. Mary’s School students was taken around 1920. Sitting in the middle was Father Michael Hannan, who reigned over the Irish neighborhoods of Corktown, Muckerville and Dublin Gulch.

The heat is on: About 26 law enforcement officers will hit the streets this weekend, and they will be joined by reinforcements from the Montana Highway Patrol. “People are used to us,” Undersheriff George Skuletich said. “What we have been doing over the past several years has been working pretty well.”

Keep your pets at home: The Butte-Silver Bow Animal Services Department would like to remind pet owners to please leave their pets safe at home during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Large crowds and loud noises can frighten pets and people celebrating may not use proper precautions when interacting with pets. Any questions or concerns about an animal, please contact Animal Services at 406-497-6525.

About St. Patrick: St. Patrick is a much-loved enigma. He remains very poorly known in spite of the exponential growth of his fame based on later legends and the now nearly global celebration of his Feast Day. In preparation for St. Patrick’s Day here is a quick look at what constitutes his authentic greatness.

From the archives: Finally, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, we dug into the Montana Standard archives for these stories about the Irish in Butte. We also dug up some photos of past St. Patrick's Day festivities in Butte. We hope you enjoy.

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