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Gordon Pierson Jr. - Democrat

1. One, providing quality, affordable health care for all Montanans to include Montana’s under-insured, children, senior citizens and veterans.

Two, protecting Montana’s public lands from radical out-of-state organizations that are attempting to take over and close our public lands from us.

Three, continuing to develop Montana’s economy to include equal pay for equal work and a fair minimum wage and fair compensation for our state and public school employees.

2. One, sound responsible solutions for Medicaid expansion to ensure all of Montana has affordable, quality healthcare.

Two, as a lifelong recreationalist (to include hunting, snowmobiling and fishing), I will strongly advocate and fight to keep our public lands open and accessible for all Montanans, our children and our grandchildren.

Three, I will continue to advocate and support legislation for fair compensation for state employees, public schools and the responsible development of Montana’s natural resources.

3. One of the most pressing problems are the radical, out-of-state groups and organizations that are attempting to take control of Montana by creating extreme bi-partisan barriers within government. We as your legislators represent the people of our districts and Montana and your rights and freedoms. I will continue to work with my fellow legislators and my constituents to overcome these barriers to protect and make sound decisions for the people HD 78.

4. Investing in Montana's infrastructure is a very important part of ensuring a sound economy. That includes investing in state facilities, schools and transportation and must include updating and expanding facilities, fair compensation for our state and public school employees and keeping our transportation avenues sound, safe and open to ensure the future of Montana’s sound economy. This can be further accomplished by producing a responsible and balanced budget as we did within the 2013 session.

 5. Being born and raised within this district, I possess a knowledge, understanding and passion for the well-being of the people here. I previously worked in the local sawmill for 20 years, giving me an understanding of the economic and environmental importance of the responsible development of natural resources. I am active in snowmobiling, hunting, camping, and fishing and strongly support responsible management of public lands and keeping them open. Working within the healthcare profession as a registered nurse has given me the experience to understand the challenges faced by all age groups. I also have the skill of listening to and understanding what the people of HD 78 want and will continue to work with the Butte and Anaconda delegations to ensure a sound future of this district and the great state of Montana.

Suzzann Nordwick - Republican

1. One, there is a real need for better all-around local economies throughout the state; and specifically for both entry level and advanced good-paying jobs. Montana loses too many young people.

Two, increasing access to and unlocking the resources, including timber, on Montana’s federally held public lands. Access to Montana timber yields more Montana jobs.

Three, having citizen legislators, like me, who can and will work together effectively for all the citizens of Montana to solve today’s complex problems. That provides the highest benefit for current and future Montanans.

2. I will work with local small businesses and encourage potential entrepreneurs to get involved with groups like the Montana High Tech Business Alliance, which are embracing new technologies and working to create higher-paying jobs across Montana.

I support the governor’s efforts as presented at the 2013 Western Governors Association to secure actual accountability, improve ecosystems, and gain overall better management of Montana’s federal held public lands.

On the third point, provide voters a candidate who is an engineer with 25 years of real world problem solving experience and who also understands the variety of issues facing everyday Montana families.

3. The most pressing issue within HD78 is the lack-luster economy. Factors include the significant Superfund footprint, heavy reliance on state jobs, lack of economic diversity and no access to timber on federal lands.  We need more coordination with the public university system, such as a satellite campus in Deer Lodge. I’ll work to bring much needed economic resources into the district, ensure Superfund remedies are fully sustainable, and do everything I can to support new industry and natural resource jobs.

Increase resource development, including timber harvesting, on Montana’s federal public lands would grow economies across the state.

4. Montana’s constitution requires a balanced budget and un-budgeted funds should be returned to citizens.

More Montanans are seeking true transparency and accountability in their government. One of my goals would be to realize government efficiency with the spending of tax dollars. Montana currently uses baseline budgeting, which funds existing programs even though they may no longer be effective. Going forward I would encourage the phasing in of performance-based budgeting for state agencies. They reduce the chance of huge budget deficits and allows better information for actual tax determinations. 

 5. I know the area well. I’ve lived here and I’ve had relatives throughout the area. And my mom had a branch office of Nordwick-Richardson CPA in Deer Lodge for 20 years. My problem solving skills combined with my compassion as a mom obviously make me the most competent choice. Odds strongly favor GOP majorities for a 3rd consecutive legislature, so I would be able to provide HD78 citizens a stronger voice in Helena. I'm also a pro-gun rights candidate. 

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