Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Editor's note: Giving Thanks is published annually on Thanksgiving Day by The Montana Standard. The listings are free. If you would like your nonprofit organization added to this list for next year and online, email information to editor@mtstandard.com or call 406-496-5510.


Action Inc.

25 West Silver St.

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-533-6855

Description of services: Action Inc. provides support to poor and low-income families and individuals through programs such as Head Start, Weatherization Assistance, Low Income Energy Assistance, Energy Share, rapid rehousing and homeless prevention, affordable housing, Section 8 rental assistance, Youth Employment & Training, support for foster care transition and Mining City Christmas, which are listed separately.

All programs are offered in Butte-Silver Bow County. The programs, with the exception of Head Start and Mining City Christmas, also are offered in Anaconda-Deer Lodge, Beaverhead, Granite, Powell and Madison counties.

Action Inc. Head Start

P.O. Box 608

Butte, Montana 59703

Telephone: 406-723-4078

Contact: Barb Brophy

Description of services: Head Start is a federally funded comprehensive child development program sponsored by Action Inc., serving children ages 3-5 in Butte-Silver Bow County. The overall goal of the program is to increase social competence of young children in low-income families through family and community partnerships.

Head Start services are family centered and offer individual services in the areas of education, child development, medical, dental, mental health, nutrition and parent involvement.

Needs: Volunteers.

Advocacy Program of Southwest Montana

P.O. Box 726

Butte, Montana 59703

Telephone: 406-490-6591

Contact: Carolyn Sanders, director

Mission: Protect the rights, health and safety of adults with, developmental disabilities, offer opportunities to become more community integrated and provide activities that will lead to a healthy lifestyle. Advocacy Program is a community based, nonprofit organization with 501(c) (3) status since April 1987. The program’s purpose is to recruit, train and match a volunteer advocate with a developmentally disabled adult (protégé) and provide ongoing support of those matches. Our objective is to maintain current matches and strive to match people on the waiting list.

The program operates solely on grants, memorials, in-kind donations of goods and services and other fundraising activities.

Donations may be sent to the address listed above.

Albert’s Angel Fund

699 Centennial Ave.

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-565-6794

Contact: Erin Alexander

Description of services: The fund is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit. It gives adoptable Butte shelter animals a chance at life by providing them with life-saving, life-changing medical care and the comforts that are needed to help them adjust to shelter life until they can go to their forever home. The fund was created when a young golden retriever cross was hit by a car; no owner came forward to claim him. He became the property of the county shelter; however, the county only pays for necessary medical expenses such as shots, and neutering, so he was to be euthanized.

Donations started coming in to help with his surgery, and that was the beginning of a healthy life for Trip and Albert’s Angel Fund. One-hundred percent of all donations go directly to help the animals.

Needs: Donations.


944 S. Wyoming St. (main office)

Butte, Montana 59701


237 E. Mercury St. (Center for Early Childhood)

Butte, MT 59701


205 E. Park Ave. (administration)

Anaconda, Montana, 59711

Phone: 406-563-8117

Website: Aware-inc.org

Description of services: AWARE is a statewide nonprofit organization that helps adults, children, and families live quality, independent lives according to their own standards.

Services AWARE offers in the Anaconda and/or Butte communities include early childhood services; family support; specialized schooling for children with disabilities; support in the natural home environment; residential services for adults and children with mental and/or developmental disabilities; employment and training for people with disabilities; psychiatric services; and adult and youth case management.

Needs: Donations, children’s recreational equipment, and school supplies.  

Anaconda Community Foundation

118 E. Seventh St., Suite 3F

Anaconda, Montana 59711

Telephone:  406-563-5259

Contact:  Gloria O'Rourke

Description of services: ACF Mission: To build a permanent financial legacy for Anaconda through the generosity of its citizens and friends in order to develop and maintain a thriving community forever.

Donations may be made via check to the address above or on our website at http://www.anacondacommunityfoundation.org.

Anaconda Disabled American Veterans-Memorial Chapter 13

P.O. Box 554

Anaconda, Montana 59711

Telephone: 406-563-0643

Contact: Lee Burt, commander

Description of services: We are dedicated to a single purpose: empowering veterans to lead high quality lives with respect and dignity.

The DAV accomplishes this by ensuring that veterans and their families can access the full range of benefits available to them, fighting for the interests of America’s injured heroes and educating the public about the great sacrifices and needs of veterans transitioning back to civilian life.

The DAV motto: Fulfilling Our Promises to the Men and Women Who Served. At its core, the DAV is about disabled veterans taking care of one another and working to ensure that our nation honors its promises and commitments to those injured in defense of our freedom.

Our annual fundraising focuses on purchasing vans for the free DAV Van Transportation Program in Montana. The chapter is the sponsor of the remodeled military uniform display case in the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Courthouse; the uniform is replaced every three months with a professional ceremony for the recipients. We host and maintain the Yellow Ribbon tribute at the Kennedy Commons in Anaconda.

Needs: People to join our organization and serve as a chapter officer, and cash donations.

Anaconda Family Resource Center/Community Youth Center

307 E. Park, Suite 203

P.O. Box 1179

Anaconda, Montana 59711

Telephone: 406-563-7972

Fax: 406-563-7996

Contact: Debra Cuny

Description of services: In 1982, the Anaconda Family Resource Center opened its doors to address the high incidence of child abuse and neglect in the Southwest Montana rural area of Deer Lodge County. The initial focus for programs and services was intervention. But need for additional services became obvious and the center was expanded to include preventative services. In October of 2004, after school services began to provide a safe place for youth to go while not in school. These preventative services for youth are provided through the Community Youth Center.

Our mission is to assure all families receive the basic skills, education, support, and encouragement necessary for the development of healthy families. All programs offered through the center are designed around this premise.

Our services include:

• Home visits are done on a regular basis throughout the duration of services.

• Parenting Classes: Common Sense Parenting by Active Parenting (geared toward toddlers and preschoolers) is the curriculum used for parenting classes. The classes teach effective discipline skills while helping parents develop more positive communication between them and their children.

• CASA/GAL Program: When a child is removed from their home, they need to have representation in the court system. The CASA/GAL volunteer role is to provide advocacy services (in the court system) for abused, neglected and/or abandoned children. CASA/GAL volunteers are pro bono and their role includes investigating the case, attending meetings pertinent to the children, and providing input to and monitoring of the parents’ treatment plan.

• The center offers Stress and Anger Management Classes twice weekly. Classes consist of 20 sessions dealing with five triggers. The primary purpose of the classes is to assist people in changing patterns of behavior that are inappropriate, counter-productive, and/or dangerous to themselves or others.

• Summer Feeding Program: During summer months, the center provides breakfast and lunch at schools and low-income areas throughout the community. Each summer, up to 11,000 meals are served at these sites.

• Community Youth Center: CYC is open three hours a day, five days a week. Lead staff makes every attempt to coordinate their efforts with teachers and administration from local schools to ensure that every child’s educational needs are cared for. Progress is monitored through communications with teachers and/or obtaining copies of the student’s report cards and progress reports.

Needs: Cash donations may be dropped off at the Anaconda office. Also needed are new and used books.

Anaconda Rotary Club

Sharing is Caring Project

Telephone: 406-560-0189 or 563-2031

Contact: Dottie Zimmerman or Maureen Watt

Description of services: The Anaconda Rotary Club Sharing is Caring Project provides gifts for children.  Other activities include providing scholarships to high school students, sponsor Anaconda High School students to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) camp south of Livingston and the ATV Fun Run. We meet weekly at noon on Tuesday at the Donivan's in Anaconda. New members are always welcome.

Needs: Unwrapped gifts for children 0-18 or monetary donations to provide gifts for children.


Bagdad Shrine Center

314 W. Park St.

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-782-6949

Contact: Deanne Zora

Description of services: The national organization operates 22 Shriners hospitals committed to the treatment of orthopedic, burn and scar problems. These include treatment of curvature of the spine, brittle bone disease, hand problems, back problems, limb deficiencies, spina bifida, club foot and dislocated hip, leg length discrepancies, Legg Perthes disease, rickets, spinal column injuries and maxillofacial work. The hospitals do not accept state or federal funds. All services rendered at the hospital are at no cost to the family. Locally, Bagdad Shrine provides transportation and lodging assistance to families from all over Southwest Montana. The Northern California Shriners Hospital in Sacramento now provides services which formerly were only available in more distant locations.

Needs: Information on children who need medical attention for orthopedic or burn problems and monetary donations to help with transportation and lodging costs.

Bannack Association

P.O. Box 1426

Dillon, Montana 59725

Telephone: 406-834-3413

Purpose: Support Bannack State Park preservation with volunteers, educational programming, and fundraising.

Beaverhead County Museum

15 S. Montana St.

Dillon, Montana 59725

Telephone: 406-683-5027

Purpose: Operate museum and Old Depot complex, help with historical research, care for displays and historic artifacts pertaining to Beaverhead County; operate the Old Depot Theatre which houses a stage and auditorium for live performances of plays, concerts, debates and other public events.

Needs: Donations.

Beaverhead County (ACEs) Task Force

P.O. Box 888

Dillon, Montana 59725

Telephone: 406-683-6106

Contact: Melainya Ryan

Description of services: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is the term given to describe all types of abuse, neglect, and other traumatic experiences that occur to individuals under the age of 18.  The Beaverhead County (ACEs) Task Force focuses on educating southwest Montanans about the relationships between these experiences during childhood and reduced health and well-being in later life.  Sadly, ACEs are all too common and nearly 70% of all children have experienced one or more trauma growing up.  The Beaverhead County ACEs Task Force meets monthly, sponsors parent and community support programs, and raises awareness in order to reduce the occurrence of ACEs. Strong communities raise strong kids! 

Needs: To volunteer, get more information or donate in support of the ACE Task Force, contact Melainya Ryan, Task Force Chair at 406-683-6106, or melainya@cscofswmt.org, or mail donations to:  P.O. Box 888, Dillon, Montana 59725.

Beaverhead County Mental Health Local Advisory Council

2 S. Pacific St.

Dillon, Montana 59725

Telephone: 406-683-3780

Contact: Jamie Flynn

Description of services: The Beaverhead County Mental Health Local Advisory Council focus is on strengthening public mental health services in Beaverhead County.  LAC members represent all different segments within the community including: consumers; elementary, high school, and post-secondary education; business; medical providers; behavioral health therapists; advocates; government;  social service agencies; families; etc.  The LAC works closely with task forces and subcommittees targeting Adverse Childhood Experiences, Criminal Justice, Crisis Response, Universal Screening, Suicide Prevention, etc.  The Beaverhead County LAC meets monthly and welcomes anyone interested.

Needs: To volunteer, get more information, or donate in support the Beaverhead County Mental Health Local Advisory Council, contact Jamie Flynn at jflynn@beaverheadcounty.org, or mail donations to her attention to:  2 S Pacific, Dillon, Montana 59725.

Belmont Senior Citizen Center

615 E. Mercury St.

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-723-7773

Description of services: The center helps senior citizens with in-home services and on-site activities. Programs include lunches served at the center, meals delivered to shut-ins, Belmont Home Helpers and transportation services, legal clinic, payee services, S.H.I.P. counseling, memory screening, notary public, Sneakers on the Go, Caregivers Support Group, nursing clinic, foot clinic, bingo, Pinochle, ceramics and more.

Needs: The holiday season is a wonderful time for people to donate money to pay for meals for those who cannot afford to pay the full price.

Be the Change 406 Coalition

P.O. Box 733

Dillon, Montana 59725

Phone: 406-596-1284

Contact: Kim Martinell, 406-596-1284

Description of services: Be The Change 406 Coalition works to develop and coordinate substance abuse prevention strategies to meet community needs based on local prevention needs assessment data. The coalition collaborates with schools, law enforcement, medical providers, local service organizations and other agencies to provide evidence-based prevention strategies and programs to Beaverhead and Madison County residents.

Needs: People can make donations by supporting efforts to reduce substance use among our youth.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butte-Silver Bow

65 E. Broadway St. Ste. 503

Butte, Montana 59701

Mailing address: P.O. Box 62, Butte, Montana 59703

Telephone: 406-782-9644

Description of services: Our vision is that all children achieve success in life.  Our mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported 1-to-1 relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.  We partner with parents/guardians, volunteers and others in the community and hold ourselves accountable for each child in our program achieving: 1) Higher aspirations, greater confidence, and better relationships. 2) Avoidance of risky behaviors. 3) Educational success.

Needs: Volunteer as a mentor, fundraising, donations, and help at events.

Big Hole River Foundation

P.O. Box 3894

Butte, Montana 59702

Telephone: 406-560-7089

Website: www.bhrf.org

Description of services: The Big Hole River Foundation is a science-based organization that works to conserve, enhance, and protect the free-flowing character of the Big Hole River, its unique culture, fisheries, and wildlife by sponsoring and supporting conservation, education, outreach, and research programs and projects. The Big Hole River Foundation was established in 1988 and is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Needs: Donations can be made through our website, at www.bhrf.org, or by calling Brittany at 406-560-7089.

Big Hole Watershed Committee

P.O. Box 21,

Divide, Montana  59727

Telephone: 406-960-4855

Website: info@bhwc.org

Description of services: The Big Hole Watershed Committee (BHWC), established in 1995, is a watershed group and a central hub of diverse viewpoints on resource and community concerns. We are a consensus-based nonprofit organization dedicated to conservation of the Big Hole River and surrounding watershed. Our work is comprehensive, spanning floodplains, communities, wildlife, water, and fisheries. We provide education, facilitate conversations and planning for issues in our area, and put meaningful restoration work on the ground. For details, visit bhwc.org.

Needs: We are taking on big conservation work through a consistent and stable organization. But we need your help. Your contributions give us the support we need to continue our work. Grant funds don’t cover what your dollars support. Donations can be made by check via U.S. mail or online at www.bhwc.org.

Big Sky Chapter of American Society of Safety Professionals

P.O. Box 592

Butte, Montana 59703

Telephone: 406-496-4111

Contact: Roger Jensen

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Description of services: Every worker expects to come home from work in the same condition he started. Yet, each year about 6,000 workers are killed on the job in the U.S. Many more are injured or develop chronic illnesses due to workplace conditions. Our goal is to enable workplaces to provide safe conditions and work practices. We promote training, education, information, and networking to safety practitioners, workers, managers, owners, and anyone interested in cultivating a positive workplace safety and health culture. We have formed alliances with other safety minded groups, including OSHA, and Montana Safety Services Conference and work together to achieve mutual goals — namely, a safe and healthful workplace.

Needs: Sponsors, vendors, and donors for our conferences and volunteers to help with special projects.

Boulevard Volunteer Fire Department

1900 S. Franklin

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-491-9902

Contact: Ed Fisher, chief

Description of services: The Boulevard is a non-profit and serves the community every day for no pay as do other volunteer fire departments.

Needs: Help in financing safety equipment. New pavement is also needed in front of the fire station.

BSW Inc.

845 S. Wyoming St.

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-723-6501;


BSW Inc.

329 N. Pacific St.

Dillon, Montana 59725

Telephone: 406-683-5773

Description of services: BSW Inc. is a nonprofit organization providing services for developmentally disabled adults—group home placement, supported living, day-work placement, supported employment, job development and placement and community placement. BSW Inc. also operates the BSW Thrift Store in Butte.

Needs: Donations and memorials.

Butte America Foundation

1957 Roberts Ave.

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-782-2263

Contact: Clark Grant, 406-491-1432

Description of services: The Butte America Foundation (BAmF) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit providing support for community radio station KBMF-LP 102.5 FM, the St. Patrick's Day Parade and the Fourth of July Parade, and the rehabilitation of the Carpenter's Union Hall in Uptown Butte.

Founded in 2013, BAmF's overall mission is to provide the citizens of Silver Bow County with public forums for the exchange of information and points of view, access to open-format non-mainstream entertainment, and a commitment to helping preserve Butte's remarkable history, all within keeping with the organizations larger goal, the global promotion of social justice.

Needs: If you would like to learn how to be a radio station DJ, help with the parades, or assist in the renovation of the Carpenter's Union Hall, drop by KBMF, located at 156 W. Granite St. in Butte or call 406-782-2263.  Secure, tax-deductible donations can be made online by going to www.butteamericaradio.org or by mail at P.O. Box 394, Butte, Montana 59703. Please donate to the projects of the Butte America Foundation. Using our secure donation portal, you help us achieve our goal of educating the public about the tenets of social justice. All donations to the Butte America Foundation are tax-deductible.

Butte Cares, Inc.

305 W. Mercury St.

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-565-5226

Contact: Laura Cross or Pat Prendergast

Purpose: Butte Cares has been the primary substance abuse prevention program serving Butte-Silver Bow County for over 35 years. Butte Cares is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit agency. Its volunteer board and members are parents, teachers, police officers, business owners, religious leaders, health providers and other community members and leaders who are mobilizing at the local level to support the agencies VISION of: Working Together to Build a Safe, Healthy and Drug-Free Community.

Butte Cares history traces back to 1982 when, in response to an increasing problem of underage alcohol and drug use, a group of citizens attended Community Intervention workshops and brought their experience back to the Butte community. The group called itself "Citizens for Chemical Awareness” (CCA) and soon became active in supporting alcohol and drug prevention programs. In 1989 the group renamed itself Butte Cares, Inc. Our MISSION is to build upon the compassion, generosity and goodwill of the citizens of Butte-Silver Bow in order to provide the resources to improve the safety and health of the entire community through education, treatment and prevention of harmful behaviors. Our GOAL is to strengthen collaboration among community coalitions and reduce substance abuse among youth and adults.

Butte Cares, in partnership with many supporting agencies and local schools, provides drug and alcohol awareness and education to youth in our community from elementary school to college. We provide RASS (Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service) training to the community to promote responsible alcohol use among our adults. Butte Cares in collaboration with Butte-Silver Bow local government is forming a task force to address the critical issues related to substance abuse in our community. Other collaborations include the CAT (Community Action Team), Youth Mental Health Committee, Butte Community Council, DUI Task Force, Butte School District #1, BSB Tobacco Task Force, and Montana Tech Wellness Task Force with the goal of building a healthier community.

Needs: Volunteers and donations are welcome and appreciated.

Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization

P.O. Box 164

Butte, Montana 59703

Telephone: 406-559-0993

Contact: Lee Whitney

Description of services: Provide grants for historic property improvements, volunteer labor, educational tours and brochures, restoration workshops, salvage sales, and project leadership in connection with preservation of Butte’s architectural and historic heritage.

Meetings: Third Tuesdays at Butte Archives at 7 p.m.

Needs: Members, volunteers and donations

Butte Education Foundation

P.O. Box 3821

Butte, Montana 59702

Telephone: 406-498-3471

Contact: Susanne Dauenhauer

Description of services: The mission of the Butte Education Foundation is to support the public schools of Butte-Silver Bow by facilitating the funding of innovative educational programs, promoting excellence in our students and teachers, enhance the learning experience of all students.  We accomplish this through the Great Ideas Grant Program, the Butte Youth Leadership Program, the Celebration of Excellence, the City Wide Hall of Fame Program, and acting as an agent for the Elementary Music Program, Shoes for the Sole, and Chemical Free Graduation Party. Our guiding vision is that every child has the right to an excellent education and that an investment in the Butte Public Schools is an investment in the Butte community.

Needs: Please help us enrich education in our schools through the consistent community investment of time, talent, and funding.  Invest in students, staff and our community with unparalleled educational opportunities and experiences.

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

Butte Emergency Food Bank

1019 E. Second St.

Butte, Montana 59703

Telephone: 406-782-6230

Description of services: Provide food products to the needy.

Needs: Canned and nonperishable foods, such as canned meats, soups and stews peanut butter, and macaroni and cheese. Also needed are toiletries, toilet paper, diapers and feminine hygiene products as well as shampoo, deodorant, etc.

Cash donations for perishable items such milk and eggs are appreciated. Donations are best dropped off between 8:30 and 11:30 a.m. The Food Bank will also pick up donations. The Food Bank is supporting after school programs together with a backpack program to feed chronically hungry children on the weekends and a food program running in the summer.

Butte Exchange Club

P.O. Box 763

Butte Montana 59703

Telephone: 406-782-4253

Description of services: The Butte Exchange Club is a non-profit organization that has been providing service to the Butte community for more than 90 years. The club seeks a better quality of life for all people by promoting child abuse prevention, youth programs, and Americanism as well as leading a variety community service projects. The Butte Exchange Club is one of 700 clubs affiliated with the National Exchange Club. Its mission is to make the community a better place to live through projects that promote Americanism, community service, youth activities and the prevention of child abuse. The club awards scholarships through its Youth-of-the-Month Program, purchases Christmas gifts for local children in foster care, contributes thousands of dollars to local organizations for cultural and youth activities.

The club is the host of the Field of Honor, promotes flag awareness in local schools and distributes flags at the Fourth of July Parade. The Exchange Club was established in Butte in 1923 and some of its notable projects are installation of the first airport landing lights at the Butte airport, installation of the first traffic light in Butte at Park and Montana and starting the World Museum of Mining.

Needs: Donations to support the club’s activities may be mailed to the address provided. Nonprofit organizations fitting the club’s mission may apply for funding consideration by submitting an application form found on the Club’s Website.

Butte Family YMCA

2975 Washoe St.

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-782-1266

Contact: Donovan Hawk

Purpose: To instill social responsibility, healthy living and youth development, including providing social, recreational, athletic and educational programs and services for people of all ages, races, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Free membership is offered to children ages sixth through eighth grade.

A sliding fee scale based on income for all programs and memberships ensures that no individual is denied participation because of inability to pay dues or activity fees. Programs include health and fitness programs; youth sports; after school programs, swimming lessons, life guarding, water exercise and adaptive swim programs; an extended summer program at the Sunshine Camp, Silver Sneakers and other active older adult classes and programs; cardiac and pulmonary rehab programs, health and fitness evaluations and individual fitness programs for beginners and those at-risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Needs: Volunteers in all program areas, especially youth sports referees and coaches. Partners with Youth Campaign helps support the programs provided for youth and those less able to afford them. Memorials, endowments, bequests and other financial gifts are always greatly appreciated.

Butte 4-C’s  

101 N. Main St.

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-723-4019; 800-794-4061

Contact: Brenda Hergott

Description of services: Butte 4-C’s is a child care resource and referral agency serving Silver Bow, Anaconda-Deer Lodge, Powell, Granite, Madison and Beaverhead counties. It provides referrals for families seeking child care and information on how to choose quality child care. It helps families who are working and/or going to school and who meet income guidelines pay for child care. It assists individuals in starting and operating child care businesses in addition to providing a wide variety of professional development opportunities. It is a sponsor of the USDA Child Care Food Program and focuses on improving the nutrition of children in child care facilities. Butte 4-C’s offers free, six week courses on parenting skills due to a generous grant by United Way. Butte 4-C’s also provides home visiting through the SafeCare program to families with children ages 0-5. This program is free and focuses on health, safety, and parent/child interactions. It also provide Circle of Parents, which is a parent support group that is led by parents and open to anyone in the community.  A Grandparents Raising Grandchildren support group is available offering resources and support.  It also offers professional supervised visitation services for families dealing with child custody issues or court ordered visitation, SafeCare home visiting, and Zero to 5 Initiatives.

Needs: Cash donations, diapers, and baby wipes to assist children and families in need.

Butte Historical Society

Box 3913

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 401-575-3948

Contact: Paddy Dennehy, president

Description of services: The Butte Historical Society is a non-profit organization for the benefit of preserving Butte, Montana's history.  We offer many small projects to the community and help with research requests.

Current Projects:  Ann Cote Smith Essay Contest, the Ray Calkins Fellowship, and other smaller projects. The group meets at 5:30 p.m. every third Thursday at the Archives. New members always welcome.

Needs: Donations may be mailed to Butte Historical Society, Box 3913, Butte, Montana 59701.

Butte Junior Golf Foundation

9581 Los Cotos Court

Las Vegas, Nevada 89147

Telephone: 406-498-5606

Contact: Bob Wengel

Description of services: The Butte Junior Golf Foundation was founded in 2006 and is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and is headquartered in Butte, Montana.  Its purpose is to provide a vehicle in which to champion Junior Golf in Butte, Silver Bow and Southwest Montana, by raising awareness of golf through conducting fundraisers, golf tournaments, junior golf tours, clinics and camps.  These activities will tout the importance of “Character Education” in which kids learn respect, courtesy, responsibility and other core values.  In the process, kids will be taught golf etiquette, learn golf rules, be exposed to competition and be given a knowledge and respect for the game of golf.

Our goals include fostering community interest in junior golf programs, educate, teach behavioral life sills, award college scholarships to junior golfers, and more.

Needs: Donations are graciously accepted by making checks payable to the BJGF and mail to our address listed above. Credit cards are accepted. Simply log on to www.BJGF.com and click on either Foundation, Donating or Contact, and send an email with your request.

Butte Literacy Program

226 W. Broadway St.

P.O. Box 244, Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-723-7905

Description of services: Provides one-to-one confidential tutoring for individuals seeking to increase their literacy skills. This includes basic reading, math, HiSet (formerly GED), and English for speakers of other languages.

Needs: Volunteers and donations.

Butte Rescue Mission

610 E. Platinum Street

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-490-0509

Contact: Rocky Lyons

Description of services: Partnering with Southwest Montana to feed, clothe, shelter, and transform those in need, through the life changing power of Jesus Christ. 

Needs: Monetary contributions and donations to the thrift store are needed, as are food items. Other needs include coffee, sugar, laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, kitchen towels, bath towels, wash cloths, dryer sheets, etc.

Butte-Silver Bow Arts Foundation

128 W. Granite St.

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-431-1423

Contact: Gretchen Miller

Description of services: Butte Silver Bow Arts Foundation is a nonprofit organization that fosters and encourages an understanding and appreciation of the local traditions, heritages and arts. The foundation maintains the Venus Rising Espresso House, 113 Hamilton St.

Needs: The foundation needs support through its tax deductible contributions, program sponsorships and memberships. The foundation welcomes new artists and encourages artists to teach others. To assist the foundation, call 406-431-1423.

Butte-Silver Bow Community Foundation

P.O. Box 805

Butte, Montana 59703

Telephone: 406-491-1560

Description of services: The Butte-Silver Bow Community Foundation is a steward through which private assets entrusted to us by donors are invested to meet the challenges of contemporary life.  We seek to protect and enhance the unique resources of Butte-Silver Bow, its diversity of culture, it richness of artistic creation and the beauty and quality of its land, air and water – so that these resources may be enjoyed now an in the future.  We seek to enhance human dignity by providing support for area citizens to participate actively in determining the course of their lives and the life of the community.

Needs: Your contributions, bequest, memorial or scholarship will make a difference for future generations. Help us build a permanent savings account, the earnings of which will benefit the children and grandchildren of our community forever. Send your gift to the address listed above.

Butte-Silver Bow Crimestoppers

225 N. Alaska St.

Butte, Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-782-7336

Description of services: This is a non-profit organization that works with local law enforcement to collect leads to help solve crimes in our community. Our board of directors meet every other month, hosts the National Night Out event, coordinates Neighborhood Watch, and participates in other activities throughout the year. If you are interested in joining our board, send us a message on Facebook (BSB Crimestoppers).

To reach Crimestoppers with information about a crime, call 406-782-7336. You do not have to give your name and you may be eligible for a cash reward.

Butte-Silver Bow Public Library Foundation

226 W. Broadway St.

Butte Montana 59701

Telephone: 406-723-3361

Website: www.bsbpl.foundation

Description of services: Butte-Silver Bow Public Library Foundation engages in advocacy and fundraising on behalf of the Library. Donations, memorial bequests, grants, gifts and other sources are used to the benefit, improvement and welfare of the Butte-Silver Bow Public Libraries.

Interested in supporting your Library? Visit our website at www.bsbpl.foundation or contact us for a donor form at the address above.

Butte Spay Neuter Task Force

P.O. Box 544

Butte, MT 59703

Telephone: 406-782-5110

Description of services: This 501(c) (3) nonprofit relies on donations to help the four-legged animals of our community. It helps low to moderate income households with spaying or neutering of their companion animals. Visit on Facebook.

Needs: The mission of Butte Spay Neuter Task Force is dedicated to making spay neuter procedures affordable to the poor, elderly on fixed incomes, and the handicapped; thereby reducing the number of stray, unwanted, and mistreated animals in our community.

Butte Special Riders

1179 Beacon Road

Butte, Montana 59701

Contacts: Joani Kissock, 406-490-2612, and Barb Gray, 406-490-1715

Description of services: BSR is a nonprofit, all volunteer, summertime therapeutic horseback riding program for children with disabilities.

It is affiliated with PATH International. It serves approximately 40 children from Butte and surrounding counties. The only cost to the child is a $5 fee for insurance; however the insurance fee may be waived if the child is unable to pay.

Needs: Volunteers are always needed, no horse experience is necessary. Donations are needed to purchase and maintain adaptive riding equipment, animal care and purchases.

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