An explosion that occurred in Uptown Butte on Dec. 20, 1989 will be featured on the History Channel’s new show, “Shockwave,” which debuts Friday night.

The show is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. on cable channel 53 in Butte, and will be aired again at 11 p.m.

Film crews were in Butte earlier this year filming the segment, which apparently recreates the incident in which a distraught Butte man detonated explosives in his car parked near Montana and Broadway. Actual footage of the blast is included in the show, a spokesman said.

According to newspaper articles, Terry Rossland, apparently despondent over marital problems, blew up his car — with him in it — injuring himself and others.

The incident started when he led police on a 30-minute chase through Uptown Butte.

Authorities got him stopped, and cordoned off his vehicle.

Then-Sheriff Bob Butorovich, Lt. Bob Lee and Sgt. Dan Hollis negotiated with Rossland for about 45 minutes before he detonated the explosives, which were resting in the back of his two-door compact car.

The explosion shattered windows in nearby businesses, and knocked Butorovich and Lee off their feet, according to newspaper reports.

Rossland, who survived the explosion, was taken to the Salt Lake City burn unit. Other explosions followed the initial blast, and other people were hurt.

Besides Butorovich, Lee and Hollis, the film crew also interviewed Tom Reget, who was a cameraman for KXLF-TV at the time, a spokesman said.

“Shockwave” focuses on raw footage of “some of history’s most unbelievable disasters, from jaw-dropping explosions to devastating fires,” according to the History Channel’s Web site.

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