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Everyone capable of thanksgiving is capable of salvation and eternal joy.

Understand “Thanksgiving” and you understand much more. “Thanksgiving” is directly from the Greek word “Eucharist.” It is a religious term which has within it the word “Charis”. You may be familiar with the English word “Charisma.” To say “Eucharist” or “Thanksgiving” is inseparably linked to recognizing and Giving Thanks for the outpouring of the Grace of God and the Holy Spirit.

We have a National Holiday that recognizes the Grace of God, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We get paid time off to celebrate this Eucharistic Day. This brings America right into the New Testament, and links America to the eucharistic ancient eastern Orthodox Christian Church.

THE HOLY Eucharist is the Body & Blood of Christ. HOLY Communion. “Communion” = “Koinonia”= The sharing of the real participation in the Flesh of Christ. To be Joined/Linked/Grafted to God and thereby each other (now and into all eternity).

 Scripturally, Holy Eucharist, Communion, The Body and Blood of Christ is Life Creating. If you do not partake you have No Life in you. If you partake unprepared, it is capable of causing death. So, this is more than just a jovial Quarterly mental reminder. (John 6:53, 1 Cor. 11:30)

Orthodox Christians do not try to explain “How” the Holy Eucharist is so. It is a Mystery which only faith can comprehend. Orthodox Christians simply “Keep what has been Kept” consistently for over 2000 years. Unchanging. It is not up for vote. Never has been, never will be.

Now you know Holy Communion is giving thanks for the outpouring of the grace of God and the Holy Spirit in the joining of God & Man in one Flesh Jesus Christ.

We recognize these words in The Nativity. When God & Man are Joined in one Flesh in the birth of Jesus Christ, the God/Man. The heavens and the earth are Joined and rejoice. The angels and shepherds are Joined in song. Earthly & Divine are reunited.

Happy Thanksgiving, a Blessed Nativity of our Lord God and Savior in the Flesh.

-- Father Russell Radoicich serves Butte's Holy Trinity Orthodox Christian Church, 2100 Continental Dr. Insights is written by members of the Butte Ministerial Association.


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