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Mike Rowe and Dorsey Pictures — the production company behind shows like “Tiny House Big Living,” “Living Big Sky,” “Building Alaska,” and the Butte-themed HGTV pilot that aired last summer — are coming to Melrose on the Big Hole River to develop a TV show based on the theme of revitalization.

From building new homes to giving local businesses a facelift, Rowe will collaborate with the residents of Melrose to revitalize structures while maintaining the town’s character.

According to the show’s executive producer Matt Assmus, “this series isn’t about turning a small town into a big city; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. We, along with (Mike) Rowe, want to make sure the town’s infrastructure is intact to keep thriving for many years to come.”

With new homes and new buildings, the show aims to bring business opportunities to Melrose residents and families who are looking for a new home. The show will also feature residents from other communities who wish to move out of their towns to relocate to Melrose.

The casting directors are in Montana and are looking for people in Melrose and surrounding cities, including Butte and Anaconda, who want a new home, business opportunity, or better quality of life.

To audition, email the producers at Include your name, contact information, photo, and a story on your situation.

“Small towns and communities throughout the U.S. are looking for ways to strengthen their economics and provide a better quality of life, and this show aims to tackle that,” the production company said in a news release.


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