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Butte’s Zoning Board of Adjustment will hear seven applications Thursday night. The projects up for consideration include the following:

  • An application from Copper Paws LLC and Trish and Ray Blakeley to allow an accessory structure to contain a habitable space and to construct the structure at a height of 23 feet in a zone where the maximum allowed height is 16 feet. The property in question is at 6 Tranquility Lane in a single-family residential zone.
  • An application for a variance by Mark Syverson and Parwana Noorjahan to construct an 8-by-17-foot addition at 409 N. Alaska Street within zero feet of the property line, which is less than the minimum side yard depth required in the neighborhood, a two-family residential zone.
  • A special use permit from Mike Williams and May Huang to host private classroom instruction for 20 students for a seven-month period at 1131 W. Copper St., a two-family residential zone. (See related story).
  • A variance application from Dawn Ingersoll to construct a 1,176-square-foot home and a 400-square-foot detached garage with 3-foot side setbacks, a 12-foot front setback, 53 percent lot coverage, and a 2-foot parking apron from an alley bordering the property at 2015 Florida Ave.
  • A special use permit application from ARCO Environmental Remediation LLC and Hollow Contracting to operate a rock crusher and to stockpile material in support of a Montana Department of Transportation project. The proposed site is located on a parcel that is east of Whiskey Gulch and is roughly bordered to the south by South Excelsior Avenue and to the north by Interstate 115 and near the Interstate 90-15 interchange. The MDT project is anticipated to last two to three years with intermittent crushing with stockpiled materials to be used as fill in later projects. The zone is a single-family suburban zone.
  • An application for a variance from Thomas Development Company, based in Boise, Idaho, to construct a multi-family dwelling at the intersection of Elizabeth Warren Avenue and Continental Drive. The dwelling will serve as senior apartment housing and will include a breezeway that connects to an existing facility, the Meadowlands Apartments.
  • An application from Butte-Silver Bow and Historic Preservation Officer Mary McCormick to conduct heritage tourism and photography sessions by appointment at the Steward and Anselmo mineyards at the corner of North Main Street and Woolman Street and 744 Lewisohn St., respectively.

The Butte zoning board meets at 5:30 p.m. Thursday on the third floor of the county courthouse, 155 W. Granite Street.

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