Power-gliding for veterans

Xsports4vets and Todd Ware are offering power-gliding excursions for veterans.

Veterans are invited to experience the exhilarating, magical feeling of flying like a bird while power-gliding during the morning or evening hours of June 15, 16, or 17.

The Butte chapter of Xsports4vets, in partnership with Todd Ware of Air Therapy Aviation of Bigfork, is sponsoring the half-hour flights which are free for veterans with proof of deployment to an area of imminent danger. The standard rate is $150 per half hour for civilians; $10 off for significant others who come with a veteran. The number of flights is limited; to reserve your spot call or text Janna at 406-239-3198.

Flights will begin at The Peak hangar, 111 Airport Road, near the Bert Mooney Airport. The event will include a meal for veterans: Xsports4vets will provide breakfast and caffeine for early birds; the Staggering Ox is providing clubfoot sandwiches for evening flyers.

Janna Sherrill, co-founder of Xsports4vets, said the group is dedicated to helping combat veterans succeed through extreme sports.

“We have been working with Todd Ware of Air Therapy Aviation for the past eight years at Big Fork, but this is the first time he has come to Butte and we are really excited to offer this opportunity to our area veterans,” she said.

You will climb aboard a factory built certified Light Sport Aircraft (Trike), also known as a powered hang-glider, for an incredible flying experience, and get an opportunity to fly it yourself! No experience is necessary. Ware is a certified flight instructor who takes pride in his open cockpit aircraft and the ability to give his passenger a safe but exhilarating excursion over Montana’s beautiful landscape. Safety, challenge, and fun are important to Ware who stays attuned to the enjoyment and comfort level of the person flying with him.

When veterans come home, they often struggle with excessive amounts of stress-induced chemistry that makes relaxation difficult to achieve. Stress is draining, but open cockpit flying with the wind in your face captures the soul and is healing, Ware says.

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